Shelby Bertrand

Shelby Bertrand

Animal Protection candidate for Ottawa Centre


Environment, Climate Change, & Energy

Emissions targets

Policy by Shelby Bertrand
APPC plans to steer Canada away from dependence on industries like oil, gas, and animal agriculture in a way that supports those currently employed in these areas and meets 2030 targets.

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Green government operations

Policy by Shelby Bertrand
Talking of “Green government policy” is misleading. Green operations should not be segregated in government. A green Canada would affect the agriculture, the economy, wildlife, and many other departments. Hence, all departments should technically involve green operations.

Energy production

Policy by Shelby Bertrand
APPC believes Canada should nourish green energy production and technology which supports these methods becoming refined and accessible.

Fossil fuel subsidies

Policy by Shelby Bertrand
Fossil fuel subsidies, such as those for pipelines, under APPC policy would be immediately diverted to the development of renewable energy and green food production.

Waste & pollution

Policy by Shelby Bertrand
Problems such as plastic pollution, chemical run-off, and air pollution call for urgent attention. APPC supports the development and refinery of technologies that would offer solutions to these problems as soon as possible.

Jobs & the Economy


Housing supply

Policy by Shelby Bertrand
There need to be more affordable housing units, like co-ops, in Ottawa. I would utilize unused space, such as Lebreton Flats, and use the funds gained by means of wealth redistribution, such as taxing the richest few.

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Human Rights

Education & Training

Post-secondary education

Policy by Shelby Bertrand
APPC sees a good education as an investment for the betterment of a people- not a privilege. APPC would fully fund school, from kindergarten to post-secondary including both academic fields and trades.

Justice, Crime, & Law Enforcement

Natural Resources

Immigration, Refugees, & Borders

Illicit Drugs & Overdoses

Opioid crisis

Policy by Shelby Bertrand
In line with APPC’s general attitude towards drug use, I would make sure to nourish the practice of safe injection sites in Ottawa Centre to help combat the opioid crisis.

Decriminalization of drugs

Policy by Shelby Bertrand
Criminalizing addiction only worsens the personal situation of addicts, stifling recovery.

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Transit & Transportation

Agriculture & Food

Treatment of farm animals

Policy by Shelby Bertrand
Animal agriculture subjects animals to discomfort and suffering and regards them as objects humans ought to squeeze utility from. Its products are unnecessary, decadent, and pollute the earth. APPC would carefully but immediately phase out animal agriculture.

Indigenous Issues


Government & Democracy

Electoral reform

Policy by Shelby Bertrand
If elected, APPC would make strategic voting a thing of the past by changing Canada’s electoral system to proportional representation, allowing everyone’s vote to truly represent their views.

International Relations

Government Services & Crown Corporations

Military & Veterans


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Shelby Bertrand is an aspiring academic and politician. After six years as a civil servant, she now studies philosophy of mathematics at uOttawa and devotes the rest of her time to activism and politics.