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Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline


Trans Mountain Pipeline

The YPP wants to get British Columbia off of fossil fuel reliance but realizes that is not 100% possible at this time.

The YPP is not ideologically against the Trans Mountain Pipeline twinning but we have serious concerns about the project and would only approve of the project if it met our 4 terms:

1) Make the protection plan public (which Kinder-Morgan did in Washington State).

2) Move the terminus out of the Burard Inlet so extra tanker traffic doesn't jeopardize the Vancouver Harbour.

3) Use a large portion of the profits to help move British Columbia away from being fossil fuel dependent (Ie: have Kinder Morgan invest in green infrastructure across the province)

4) Have a truly world class spill protection along the river valleys along the route and on the coast. The YPP would require that Kinder-Morgan take out a performance bond in the name of the British Columbia Government to pay for the immediate clean up of any spills. YPP would also require the pipeline to have high levels of safety measures like double walled pipes and numerous automatic shutoff vales along the pipeline).

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We support the Kinder Morgan expansion

We recognize the benefit to Alberta, Canada, BC nd the world of responsible resource development, including the oilsands. But Alberta should build an upgrader to convert raw bitumen into synthetic oil before sending it into BC. BC should build adequate refinery capacity on the BC coast so that we export finished petroleum products and keep maximum jobs and revenue in Canada. We support the Kinder Morgan expansion but it should be based on upgrading in Alberta.

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BC Citizens First


The BC Citizens First Party laid out five major additional conditions which must be met by Kinder Morgan in order for their Trans Mountain Pipeline to proceed, please visit our site for a comprehensive list of our conditions.

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