Comparing the Policies

Tuition Fees


Affordable education and training

  • Making life more affordable for people just starting their careers by making all current, future and outstanding BC student loans interest-free.
  • Creating a new, one-time, Opportunity Award for graduates that will erase $1,000 of BC student debt for every British Columbian student upon graduation from a program of study or completion of an occupational or trades program.
  • Eliminating fees for Adult Basic Education and ESL.
  • Capping tuition fees at colleges and universities.
  • Introducing a new graduate student scholarship fund to encourage excellence in BC's graduate programs.

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Reduce tuition fees and forgive loans for BC grads

Provincial money invested in post-secondary education should follow the student rather than going directly to the college or university. Student loans should be forgivable when graduates work at least 5 years in BC. Otherwise, they come due one year after leaving the province.

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BC Citizens First

Fee-free Scholarships

INTRODUCING NEW BC GOVERNMENT DEGREE SCHOLARSHIPS: New BC Government scholarships covering full coverage of post-Secondary undergraduate degree tuition fees will be provided to BC student citizens enrolling in government-designated high priority areas of need for the province (e.g. Doctors, Nurses, medical technicians, IT etc) where students agree to work in BC for two years full-time for every year of full funding of their tertiary studies i.e. 10 years work commitment for 5 years of scholarship funding. These scholarships will be competitive and will be subject to successful completion of every year of study. They will allow BC children to attain their educational goals whilst simultaneously giving back to BC as future workers in areas of critical need for BC. Scholarship holders will be guaranteed a job by the BC Government at the end of their studies, although they will be able to equally accept jobs in the private sector.

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