Comparing the Policies

Climate Change


Building a sustainable economy

We will take action to create tens of thousands of new, sustainable, permanent jobs while reducing BC's climate change emissions and growing the low-carbon economy.

Setting carbon reduction targets and meeting them We will renew the Climate Leadership panel and work towards implementing their recommendations. Together, we'll put BC on a path to meeting our legislated 2050 greenhouse gas emission reduction target.

Creating good, sustainable jobs that lower our carbon emissions From investing in reforestation, to building new rapid transit solutions, to a comprehensive clean energy program, the BC NDP will invest in the long-term success of our economy, while doing our part to fight climate change.

Making new carbon taxes predictable, fair and effective We'll work to provide predictability for BC businesses and protect BC families from facing another hit on their pocketbook - while reducing our emissions.

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BC Green

Meet Our Emissions Targets

Reducing Emissions

A B.C. Green government will

  • Amend the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act to reflect an interim target of 40% reduction below 2007 levels by 2030.
  • Progressively increase the carbon tax by $10 per year for four years beginning January 2018
  • Starting on January 1, 2020, apply the fugitive rate for the carbon tax, $36 per tonne, to forest slash pile burning
  • Establish an emissions reduction target for carbon neutral government and allow public sector agencies to invest in internal emissions reductions

Promoting Behaviour Change

A B.C. Green government will

  • Expand the provision of public information regarding ways to reduce carbon emissions
  • Act to promote choices with a lower carbon footprint
  • Act to facilitate modal switching

Promoting Efficiency

A B.C. Green government will

  • Require commercial and industrial operators to ensure the efficient operation of equipment and vehicles
  • Act to ensure that new buildings are energy efficient, and reduce the upfront cost for such
  • Promote efficient community design by enhancing requirements for integrated regional planning, and the consideration of the cumulative impacts on GHG emissions of regional and local government plans

Promoting Low Carbon Fuels and Materials

A B.C. Green government will

  • Revisit the mandate of B.C. Hydro to optimise support for clean energy development
  • Work with neighbouring jurisdictions to expedite the phase out of thermal electricity generation
  • Introduce progressively more stringent requirements to adopt low carbon fuels


A B.C. Green government will

  • Implement a forest carbon strategy to take full advantage of the opportunities created by forest sinks
  • Invest $29 million over four years to enhance the scientific understanding of the effects of climate change in B.C.

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Triple Sustainability

All legislation and government actions need to be economically, environmentally and socially sustainable in order to ensure they are cost effective, will not degrade the environment and will encourage behaviours that promote a healthy society.

Economically Sustainable means that fiscally the decisions the government is making make sense. The cost of the program is offset by the benefit that is provided to the province. With all government spending and government statistics made public it will be easy for British Columbians to see whether government programs are worth the cost and it will be hard for governments to justify programs which are not socially sustainable.

Environmentally Sustainable means that the government program or action does not negatively impact the environment in a way that is irreparable. Degradation to the environment in one area will need to be offset by an improvement in the environment in another area. All government programs will be given an environmental grade so that British Columbians can see the true cost of the programs the government is undertaking.

Socially Sustainable means that government legislation and actions encourage responsible behaviour, healthy living, the creation of community and culture, and the elimination of crime.

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BC Citizens First

Climate Change

We firmly believe in climate change, support a carbon tax, support sustainable energy and with regard to the Trans Mountain Pipeline we have stated on record that we are concerned that the current CEO of Kinder Morgan has stated that he does not believe in climate change. This demonstrates to us that he has little or no regard nor concern for the impacts of his company’s actions on the environment. Accordingly we will not support the pipeline whilst the current CEO remains in charge of the parent company owning the pipeline. We simply do not have sufficient confidence in his appropriate balancing of both economic and environmental concerns. (We have also placed four additional conditions on any future approval of this pipeline project - see our website for further details)

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