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BC Liberal

Standing up for B.C. on softwood

Driving forward, Today's BC Liberals will:

  • Stand up for B.C. forestry communities, workers, and companies as Canada continues to negotiate a new Softwood Lumber Agreement with the United States.
  • Work with the federal government to support workers, communities and forest companies as they fight the impacts of the unfair countervailing and anti-dumping duties.

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BC Citizens First


We support international trade with the world. We believe that comprehensive trade negotiations should be taking place right now between the Trump Administration and the Province of British Columbia. The NAFTA Free Trade Agreement is critical to BC and important to for the whole of Canada and the USA. We support the inclusion of softwood lumber, dairy and energy is any expanded NAFTA Trade talks. We believe the current Liberal Premier has demonstrated a very poor past record as a negotiator. One only has to look at her disaster of a decade of negotiations as Education minister with BC teachers (which she lost), her dispute with the current Prime Minister on BC Senator nominations (which she lost) and her negotiations on Federal Health Funding Transfers (which she lost). We cannot afford to allow Christy Clark and the BC Liberals to be negotiating any future trade deals on softwood lumber or anything else with the USA.

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