Comparing the Policies

Environment and Natural Resources

BC Liberal

Standing up for B.C. with five conditions to protect our coastline

Driving forward, Today's BC Liberals will:

  • Ensure Canada implements its promise for a world-leading marine spill response system, prior to any new operations on our coast.
  • Ensure that Kinder Morgan meets its requirements to significantly enhance marine safety.

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Protecting our environment, creating jobs

We'll protect species at risk by:

  • Bringing in an endangered species law.
  • Working with the federal government, South Okanagan communities and local First Nations to create a plan to protect a large number of endangered species.

We'll increase investment in parks and camping by:

  • Restoring funding for BC parks.
  • Hiring additional park rangers and conservation officers.
  • Building new campsites to catch up with current demand.
  • Putting BC residents first in line for campsite bookings.

We'll make environmental decisions you can trust, including:

  • Updating our environmental assessment legislation and processes.
  • Respecting the rights of First Nations.

We'll protect clean, safe drinking water and ensure healthy communities by:

  • Recognizing the right to clean, safe drinking water - and making a commitment to protect it.
  • Working with the federal government to improve drinking water quality.
  • Keeping cancer-causing chemicals out of our water supply.

As well, John Horgan's BC NDP government will do what's right and ban the grizzly bear trophy hunt. We'll also make permits for other kinds of hunting more fair for BC residents.

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BC Green

Resilient management of our natural assets

A BC Green government will:

  • Re-establish the integrity of the Environmental Assessment process
  • Implement new guidelines for the use of qualified professionals that eliminate the potential for conflict of interest
  • Identify old-growth forest reserves and protect them
  • Engage in meaningful consultation and engagement that respects indigenous resource rights and title

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All legislation and government actions need to be economically, environmentally and socially sustainable in order to ensure they are cost effective, will not degrade the environment and will encourage behaviours that promote a healthy society.

The YPP will require all products sold in BC to have an environmental letter grade rating, invest in long term sustainable energy production to ensure BC has a long term supply of cheap, renewable, and responsible energy with a minimum environmental impact, enact legislation for protecting endangered species in BC, work with the federal government to set aside portions of the BC coast as Marine Protected areas, & redirect the funds collected by the pacific carbon trust into supporting local programs which have more measurable positive impacts on the environment.

The YPP is also against the development of Jumbo Glacier Ski Resort in the Regional District of East Kootenay.

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Protect the environment while creating jobs

We would eliminate raw sewage discharge into the ocean. We would re-introduce Weather Modification legislation to prevent the discharge of toxic chemicals and particulates into BC skies. We would restrict pesticide and herbicide use and insist on labelling of GMO seeds and products. We would encourage more horse-logging, selective logging and manual brush control.

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BC Citizens First

Five New Additional Conditions Before Proceeding



The BC Citizens First Party encourages sustainable energy alternatives and believes there is an important role for Government to play in encouraging such energy activities. We support renewable energy in British Columbia We support the reduction of emissions from transport We support energy efficiency and conservation

We also support the current carbon tax in British Columbia at its current rate of $30 per tonne of emissions, and believe that it should remain at $30 per tonne in BC until at least the end of 2020 at which time the rest of the country will have theoretically raised their carbon taxes to the same levels as BC.

We believe such a public policy is prudent particularly given the uncertainty around potential competitive disadvantage against the USA with the new Trump administration’s relaxation of carbon pricing.

We support the establishment of an independent national panel of experts to report in 2021 on the current status of all provincial carbon pricing programs and to provide recommendations for moving forward.

Our party will only support an ongoing national carbon pricing program in which our province is not financially disadvantaged compared to any other province in Canada.

Our Party Leader, Mr. Phillip Ryan, has a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Physics. He is a firm believer that a sustainable energy future should be based on scientific data and proven field experience. He also fully understands from his global work experience the important role that alternative sustainable energy can play in a national and provincial electricity grid.

As a former Science teacher in Grades 11 and 12, Mr. Ryan also fully supports bringing the knowledge and research on sustainable energy which is conducted globally, to the attention and understanding of British Columbians.

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