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Creating 96,000 construction jobs

We need to restore, replace and repair schools, hospitals, roads and transit. In doing so, we'll create 96,000 real jobs and add $18 billion dollars in economic activity while helping us deliver the services people need.

Building strong communities

Quality schools, good hospitals, recreation centres and transit options are all necessities of communities large and small. We'll invest in all corners of BC, making communities stronger, spurring economic growth and creating good jobs close to home.

Cutting commute times and reducing congestion

Building a better BC means getting you to and from work and school faster and safer. We'll invest in improving roads and in major new transit projects to reduce congestion, get cars off the road and reduce our impact on the environment.

Creating technology infrastructure and innovation centres

We'll partner with universities, colleges, technical institutions and businesses to build and fund specialized innovation centres in the interior and northern BC to make sure all regions of the province benefit from jobs and investment in the new economy.

Building partnerships to fund new infrastructure

Our plan to create 96,000 jobs includes funding partnerships with the federal government, First Nations, municipalities, pension funds, financial institutions and businesses.

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BC Citizens First


We support the continued development of key infrastructure across BC as our population grows.

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