Comparing the Policies

Jobs and the Economy

BC Liberal

It all starts with a job

Creating jobs and economic growth with the best trained workforce:

  • Creating 1,000 new grads in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math disciplines, on top of the 1,000 coming
  • Investing $87 million in the BC Tech Strategy
  • Coding in classrooms for Grades 6 to 9
  • New innovation hub at Robson Square

Maintaining the most diversified economy in Canada:

  • Ensuring B.C. tech business are first in line for government contracts
  • Standing up for B.C. on softwood issue
  • Goal of three LNG plants moving to construction by 2020
  • Responsible development of the Montney oil and gas reserves
  • Supporting a new hops industry in B.C.
  • Expand Buy Local and Grow Local to encourage local food production
  • Diversifying markets for wood products in China and India
  • Adding to the Rural Dividend and high-speed connectivity

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Good jobs and a sustainable economy

For John Horgan's BC NDP, a strong economy is when everyone is doing better. Where life gets a little easier each month, not harder. Where people like you are rewarded for working hard, with good wages, job security and a safe place to work. This includes:

  • Creating 96,000 construction jobs
  • Building a sustainable economy
  • Fuelling innovation in BC Tech
  • Renewing our forest industry
  • Growing BC agriculture
  • Creating safe, responsible mining jobs
  • Creating good jobs in manufacturing
  • Boosing the creative economy
  • Investing in tourism and recreation
  • Safely developing natural gas
  • Helping small businesses succeed
  • Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour

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BC Citizens First

We will create over 55,000 jobs in BC in our first year

Our focus in job creation will be in the housing and construction industry and on improving government services, child care spaces and earthquake protection for BC citizens. More than 55,000 permanent full-time jobs will be created in our first year, and this will be on top of natural job growth within the private sector across B.C. (see our specific policies on this website for a fuller explanation of each policy initiative and its job impact)

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