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Fair wages for hard work

John Horgan's BC NDP will bring in a $15 an hour minimum wage by 2021, with increases each year. Phasing the increases in will allow businesses to adjust, ensuring that jobs aren't put at risk and that employment in minimum wage sectors actually increases - as has been the case in Seattle. Once we reach $15 an hour, we will index the minimum wage to inflation to ensure we don't fall behind.

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BC Green

Income security

A BC Green government will:

  • Begin the transition to liveable incomes with an increase in Persons with Disabilities (PWD), income assistance and shelter allowance rates.
  • Introduce a basic income support for youth aged 18 to 24 who are transitioning out of foster care
  • Launch a basic income pilot project that will test its ability to reduce poverty, improve health, housing and employment
  • Establish an arm's-length fair wages commission to recommend a new minimum wage and oversee regular rate reviews
  • Eliminate Medical Service Plan (MSP) premiums by rolling them into the payroll tax and personal income tax

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BC Citizens First


HOUSING COSTS: In order to support a family’s basic needs and also housing affordability we believe the minimum wage in BC should be lifted to $15 per hour in a phased approach essentially equivalent in graduated steps similar to that currently being adopted by the Government of Alberta. That is from $10.85 per hour presently to $12.25 per hour immediately, then to $13.60 per hour in 12 months time, and $15 per hour the following year. It is an insult to BC minimum wage workers for the current BC government to offer a 40 cents per hour increase in the minimum wage to 500,000 BC citizens in September last year. At the time of this offer BC had the lowest wage in Canada for what is the most expensive province to live in Canada.

FOUR WEEKS LEAVE (20 WORK DAYS) WILL BE LEGISLATED FOR ALL BC WORKERS: We will be introducing a guaranteed minimum of 4 weeks annual holiday leave (20 work days) for all employees irrespective of their age or tenure. Pro-rate annual leave will be required for permanent part-time employees i.e. 2 weeks minimum annual leave for employees working 50% of a full week over a year.

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