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Ending poverty in BC

Addressing the urgent needs of people living in poverty is essential - and a moral responsibility. John Horgan's BC NDP will help by immediately:

  • Reducing the depth of poverty in BC by immediately raising all income assistance and disability rates by $100 per month.
  • Supporting assistance recipients as they re-enter the workforce by allowing them to keep an additional $200 per month in earnings exemptions.
  • Ending Christy Clark's disability bus pass clawback, fully restoring the BC Bus Pass program for people with disabilities.

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BC Citizens First


Homeless accommodation will be provided at CAMH and all of its Regional Annexes, as well as at Riverview Hospital, with an initial focus on those homeless who are concurrently suffering addiction and mental health issues. These people need to be immediately taken off the streets where they cannot attack students in schools, private citizens on our streets, and other short term residents of homeless shelters, nor abuse citizen or visitor pedestrians in our cities.

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