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Welcoming and protecting newcomers

John Horgan and the BC NDP will protect temporary foreign workers by bringing in a Temporary Foreign Worker registry to give government the information it needs to protect workers. While the majority of employers are responsible, the few who are not hurt workers, damage Canada's reputation, and compete unfairly against other honest BC businesses. We'll also end the collection of illegal recruitment fees by requiring recruiters and employers to register Temporary Foreign Workers.

We'll break down barriers to success preventing immigrants from using their professional experience to find meaningful work. This includes the creation of a Centre for Newcomers to help coordinate and educate skilled newcomers in their fields and reversing the BC Liberal cuts to funding for Adult Basic Education and English language courses for immigrants.

At the same time, we'll improve support for refugees to ensure they can build happy and successful new lives here while working with the federal government to increase BC's quota under the Provincial Nominee Program and increase BC's control over the terms of qualification.

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BC Citizens First


We are committed to human rights and oppose any form of discrimination amongst our citizens and support ongoing immigration into Canada from around the world.

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