This is a page from the 2020 British Columbia general election.

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What will you do for the environment? What about for seniors on disability?

What makes you the most qualified to be MLA?

Do you support electricity self-sufficiency for BC?

Do you live in the Burnaby North riding itself? If not, would you move here if you win?

What would you (or your party) do to combat the opioid crisis?

Would your party support mandatory face masks in public?

What are your policies on transit safety?

Would your party increase the threshold amount for net family income for the BC Climate Action Tax Credit?

How will you or your party manage absentee and foreign ownership?

What will your party do to decrease the cost of car insurance?

With Covid19 cases on the rise would you be willing to close the borders of the province, and would you support only necessary ferry traffic to Vancouver Island, in other words: Would you be willing to stop tourism to the island?

Will you make wearing a mask mandatory in stores and shopping malls?

Will you change the way children go to school to protect the elderly, since children do not practice physical distancing at schools now?