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Charles Lugosi

Charles Lugosi

CHP candidate for Haldimand—Norfolk

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submitted by the candidate or their team
"Charles has the rare distinction of successfully making submissions on behalf of clients in both the U.S. and Canadian Supreme Courts. He is a bioethicist, knowledgeable about pandemics, abortion, and euthanasia. He has many publications and teaches law to lawyers & students."

Charles Imre Michael-John Lugosi was born in Brantford Ontario Canada and attended North Park Collegiate and Vocational School where he completed 4 years of high school in 3 and graduated as an Ontario Scholar. His roots are in this riding. His parents fell in love in Courtland. His first date was in Port Dover. He took his children to the beaches at Port Dover and Long Point. He canoed down Big Creek into Lake Erie. He enjoys golfing at the Norfolk Golf and Country Club, the Greens at Renton, and the MontHill Golf and Country Club near Caledonia.

Charles attended the University of Western Ontario, where he studied French, political science, history, English, and geography towards his Honors Bachelor of Arts degree, and was named to the Dean’s Honor List for two years. Charles was then offered early admission to law school at Western at the age of 20. Following his admission to the Ontario Bar on April 9, 1981 Charles was admitted to the BC Bar on May 11, 1982. He then survived a life threatening illness that left him with a physical disability. In 1984 Charles established his own law firm in Victoria BC, until he left in 1988 to study theology for two years at Regent College in Vancouver, before relocating to Prince George to practice criminal law and medical malpractice. In 2000, Charles closed his law office to attend the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where he earned a Master of Law (2001), a Master of Bioethics (2002), and his Doctor of Juridical Science (2005), the highest degree in law awarded by U Penn, while working as a constitutional law professor in Florida. In 2002, Charles was the first bioethics intern at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He worked as a law professor in Florida, Michigan, Tennessee, and Ontario, teaching constitutional law, bioethics, healthcare, criminal law, tort law, property law, jurisprudence, the rule of law, and other subjects. He is an active member of numerous bars, including those of Ontario, British Columbia, Michigan, Washington, and the Supreme Court of the United States.

In 2012, Dr. Lugosi established a national law practice in Canada, first in Brantford, and then in Victoria, representing people in civil liberties, human rights, criminal and constitutional law cases to protect the rights to life, liberty, freedom of expression, and religion. As a bioethicist, he knowledgeable about pandemics, abortion, and euthanasia. He has many publications and as counsel, won in the Supreme Court of Canada and as amicus counsel, in the Supreme Court of the United States. He is currently in private practice, lectures to lawyers and international law students, and is an occasional guest preacher (in English) at a Chinese Pentecostal Church. Before he remarried, while a working single parent, he previously raised 5 children on his own for 11 years, including two with autism, who are still at home. In addition to English, Dr. Lugosi speaks French and Hungarian.

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
"I want to give you a choice. Woke ideology and identity politics dominate politics today, defying common sense. I have witnessed the abandonment, betrayal and marginalization of social conservatives by the Conservative party and realize our new home is with the CHP."

In 1997, I was a pro-life social conservative candidate for the Progressive Conservative Party in Prince George Peace River and lost to the Reform candidate Jay Hill, who is now a leader for the separation of western Canada. I believed then, and now, that the fundamental values, beliefs and principles of a candidate must be disclosed to voters so that an informed choice can be made. Character, integrity, morality, truth and trust are fundamental in the evaluation of all candidates.

I had not planned to run again for public office, and in 2000 relocated to further my graduate education and trained to become a law professor. I spent 12 years in Philadelphia, Miami, Ann Arbor, Knoxville and Greenville, raising my children, publishing, teaching and practicing law. When I returned in 2012 to Brantford, I established a law practice and represented Catholic pro-life activist Mary Wagner and Christian activist, Bill Whatcott, who tested the limits of freedom of speech. Over time, I witnessed the abandonment, betrayal and marginalization of social conservatives within the Conservative party, and the denial of judicial appointments to social conservatives by "Red Tories". Political candidates are no longer wanted if they are not pro-choice.

I was compelled to run again, to provide a choice for voters whose conscience compels them to vote in accordance with their moral beliefs and values. I recognized that the new home for social conservatives is in the Christian Heritage Party. I am a candidate for the CHP, because its values mirror my beliefs and permits its candidates to freely speak and vote according to their conscience.

I take seriously the constitutional foundation of Canada: the supremacy of God and the Rule of Law, which is embedded with morality that originates from natural justice, which in turn is derived from Judeo Christian beliefs. Our core values, including liberty, freedom of speech and religion, equality, sanctity of life, and love for our neighbor, trace their roots to these same beliefs.

I believe in justice, civil liberties and equality, and advocate the repeal of any law that denies truth and perpetuates a legal fiction. For example, our laws discriminate against innocent vulnerable human beings who have yet to be born, by removing them from the definition of human being, so if any of them die by an abortion, that act is outside the definition of murder. A legal definition cannot change the truth.

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole has made it very clear that he is pro-choice. He stated, "I am a pro-choice ally of the LBTGQ" community. The Conservative Party will not support any legislation to restrict abortion on demand, throughout the entire term of pregnancy. My Conservative opponent, Leslyn Lewis, was quoted in a Life Site news story on June 26, 2020 to say, “I have not proposed anything to limit abortion.” She previously served as a National Director of the Women’s Legal Action and Education Action Fund (LEAF), which probably Canada’s most radical feminist pro-abortion and pro-LGBTQ legal advocacy group, whose mission includes advocating “reproductive rights,” which means pro-choice. Leslyn Lewis, at the all candidate meetings, did not deny or refute any of these facts.

Choosing the Conservatives over the Liberals will continue the death count from abortion, which now exceeds over 1 million lost lives since abortion restrictions were removed. Where are the unmarked graves of these children?

I share your desire for a change in government, but not at the cost of our moral principles and values. Electing a member of the Christian Heritage Party means that on all issues, I will have the mandate and freedom to speak on behalf of social conservatives, including those who are silenced in the Conservative Party.

I am a statesman, and not a politician. I am open about my moral and cultural values, and believe they mirror your values. The protection of our children from all abuse and harm is a vital national interest. Gender indoctrination is a pressing concern. Increased numbers of immigrants are now required to replace the lives lost from abortion.

A democracy thrives when there is vigorous and robust debate on all issues.

I pledge to honestly and directly say the truth, even if that offends others.

I know what it is like to be a single parent, having raised by myself for over 11 years 5 young children, two of them with autism, while continuing to earn a living. I did not have the benefit of child care, and single dads get far less recognition and community support than single moms. All single parent families need our help and support.

I have overcome physical disability, and as a first generation Hungarian Canadian, persevered to become a lawyer, a constitutional law professor, and a bioethicist, trained to solve the complex problems we face in this pandemic, that threatens our health, freedoms and civil liberties. Science and law need to be considered together to ensure a free and democratic society.

I am opposed to a segregated society that divides us between those who are vaccinated and those who are not. Vaccines do not provide immunity from Covid. Constitutional rights must not be overridden by those who are untrained in law and bioethics. One of my children is immune compromised and cannot survive a vaccine. Everyone is unique, and faces different challenges and circumstances. Even though I am vaccinated, I choose to be cautious and continue to follow public health guidelines, as Covid mutates and its dangers will not go away.

However, we must be vigilant to stand on guard against a government that imposes laws that violates our moral conscience and constitutional rights.

I want to be your representative. I am willing to listen, to learn, and to advocate on your behalf. I am a creative problem solver, not a form filler.

What unifies us are moral and cultural values that express themselves in the Rule of Law and the supremacy of God in our Constitution, giving us freedom to worship, to freely speak without being oppressed or cancelled, and protects our diversity of thought and the exercise of our moral conscience.

Our riding depends upon a strong capitalistic society that reduces taxes, stimulates economic growth, and competes globally. We desire healthy bodies, minds and environment; lower taxes, an affordable cost of living and a prosperous economy. We want freedom to work, to enjoy life, travel, to worship and to maintain our cultures, faith, history and traditions.

We must help those who depend on us: our children, seniors, the disabled, the ill, and our veterans. Compassion, kindness, care, and common sense must guide our decision-making.

I believe in clean and safe air, water, and land. I oppose any destruction of our environment. We must understand our climate and co-operate with nature, to leave a green earth for those that follow us.

I have a plan to solve the problem of buying a home: First time home buyers will benefit by permitting both mortgage principal and interest to be tax deductible, without imposing a capital gains tax on the sale of their first home. Those who already have a home, but are struggling to keep it, will also benefit from deducting the cost of mortgage interest. This solution will put tens of thousands of dollars into the pockets of homeowners and go a long way to solving the problem of housing. Foreign and domestic speculators of residential properties will not be eligible for these programs, and will be punished with a speculation tax.

Our national debt has never been this high. We should not be burdened by questionable spending priorities that will harm our children and grandchildren.

Don’t yield to the temptation to simply exchange one party for another which has the same or similar values. Vote for the candidates, parties and leaders that mirror your values.

Don’t just ask, “What’s in it for me?” also ask, “What is the right moral choice for all of us?”

Follow your moral compass. Vote according to your conscience.