Elizabeth Abbott

Elizabeth Abbott

Animal Protection candidate for Toronto—Danforth


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Policy by Elizabeth Abbott
We will phase out and transition all animal agriculture sectors to plant-based sectors by 2030, and oppose live trade for slaughtering such animals as horses, pigs, sheep.
We will amend the Canadian Criminal Code to categorize animals as "non-human animals" rather than "property." .”
We will replace the Canadian Council for Animal Care with a new animal-centred body free from animal-use industry influence.
We will promote the health, environmental, and social benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

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Animal Rights

Policy by Elizabeth Abbott
We advocate for all species of animals because we cannot talk about any societal structure without including all affected by public policy. We advocate equally for the environment because true environmental advocacy cannot exclude the lives of all who live within our diverse ecosystems. This is how we will address the climate crisis. And we work to empower people to hold their government accountable and to be partners with us in creating a just, equitable, and inclusive society.