About VoteMate

VoteMate is a non-partisan website helping people learn about their vote in Canadian elections.

On VoteMate, you can compare parties and candidates based on their policies, read candidate profiles, and talk with candidates.

VoteMate is unaffiliated with all government agencies, political parties, and candidates. It's built as a labour of love and does not receive funding from political candidates or advocates.

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Who runs VoteMate?

VoteMate is created and run by Laef Kucheran, a Vancouver-based web designer, writer, and aspiring journalist. Laef lives and works in Burnaby, close to all the good coffee shops.

Got questions or need some help?

Send us an email at hello@votemate.org. We can't wait to chat with you!


Looking to cover VoteMate? That's amazing! If you have any questions, just email Laef at laef@laef.ca.


VoteMate is illustrated by Alin Kucheran, a 3D and vector graphics hobbyist.
From 2018 - 2021, VoteMate was illustrated by the incredibly talented Sterling Aster, a Vancouver-based digital artist.