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Sharleen Karamanian

Sharleen Karamanian

Independent for Port Moody City Council

Good Governance

Council is the governing body of the City. The decisions made should always act in the best interests of the City and should have democratic input. Good governance encourages the economic, social and environmental well being of the community.

Affordable Housing

Policies should endorse increasing the supply of rental stock, improving the diversity of multi-unit housing, supporting low-income housing projects, supporting infill in residential neighborhoods, strengthening government/community partnerships & connecting people with housing.

Small Business

Focus to develop a creative, competitive, and dynamic business environment that improves economic growth and sustainability. Emphasize on mobilizing community and local agency participation to improve resiliency for the local businesses.


I will represent your views in the decisions shaping the future of POMO. My experience in the public sector provides great perspective on: smart growth & housing, transportation concerns & endorsing strategies to preserve our parks & rec amenities. Livable neighbourhoods are key!

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