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Diana Dilworth

Diana Dilworth

Independent for Port Moody City Council

My Plan for Port Moody

I promise to bring a collaborative, respectful, hands-on approach to good governance in addressing the growth management, traffic, affordable housing, environmental and parks issues that we face in growing our community.

Affordable Housing

I am proud to bring forward, develop and implement policies that support the construction of new affordable housing units and the retention of existing units, particularly for down-sizing seniors who wish to remain in the community.


I will continue to approve smart growth and development that benefits the community. Of particular importance is to explore innovative approaches for the the future use of the Fire Hall and Works Yard sites.


I support the implementation of the City's long-term TransPort Moody strategic transportation plan, including the fast-tracking of initiatives supporting pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and drivers, where critical issues exist.

Small Business

I am committed to supporting the City's new Economic Development Manager in establishing our community as an exciting place to start, grow or maintain a local business and local jobs.


I will continue to advocate for increasing the amount of parks in neighbourhoods throughout the City and enhancing and maximuming the existing park space we have.

Good Governance

I will continue to promote transparency and accountability of tax dollars as a priority. I further commit to the official Code of Conduct that focuses on a respectful conduct of business in governance matters.


A trusted champion for Port Moody, Diana has a proven track record of leadership, representing residents & bringing positive change to our community. Looking to the future, Diana is committed to planning for liveability, protecting the environment & supporting affordable housing.

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