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Naomi Rankin

Naomi Rankin

Communist candidate for Edmonton Strathcona
The interests of working people - full employment with environmental protection, better social services, improved labour standards and standard of living, ultimately leading to workers' power through public ownership and democratic control. ,


Environment, Climate Change, & Energy

Emissions targets

Policy by Naomi Rankin
Legislate immediate deep cuts, leading to net zero

Carbon pricing

Policy by Naomi Rankin
Replace carbon tax (fees for polluting) with legislated limits, nationalizing and reorganizing energy sector and eventual elimination of emissions

Fossil fuel subsidies

Policy by Naomi Rankin
Eliminate entirely

Major energy projects

Policy by Naomi Rankin
Close down the tar sands and guarantee jobs at equivalent wages in green energy, retro-fitting and restructuring transportaion.

Jobs & the Economy


Housing supply

Policy by Naomi Rankin
Build one million new units of social housing

Human Rights

Education & Training

Justice, Crime, & Law Enforcement

Natural Resources

Immigration, Refugees, & Borders

Illicit Drugs & Overdoses

Transit & Transportation

Agriculture & Food

Indigenous Issues


Government & Democracy

International Relations

Government Services & Crown Corporations

Military & Veterans