This is a page from the 2020 British Columbia general election.
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Salvatore Vetro

Salvatore Vetro

Independent candidate for Vancouver-Kensington


Jobs, the Economy, and Affordability

Housing & Homelessness

Climate Change & the Environment


Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Human Rights & Equality

Transit & Transportation

Public Safety

Children, Childcare, & Youth in Care

Indigenous Issues

Resource Extraction & Export


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My name is Salvatore Vetro, an Independent Candidate for the Vancouver Kensington riding in the upcoming BC Provincial Election to be held on October 24th.
I was one of the Top Organizers who defeated the dreaded HST. First time ever a tax was repealed in North America.

Reason for running

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In these very difficult times, I will be your ‘Freedom Fighter’, Vote for me to ‘"Have Your Say”! It's Time For Change

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