This is a page from the 2020 British Columbia general election.

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Jobs, the Economy, and Affordability

Housing & Homelessness

Climate Change & the Environment


Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Human Rights & Equality

Transit & Transportation

Public Safety

Children, Childcare, & Youth in Care

Indigenous Issues

Resource Extraction & Export


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Darryl Seres has 12 years experience in the non-profit sector in education, management & humanitarian development. He's spent 4 years in tourism as he completes his MA at UBCO in history, religion & politics. Darryl also serves as the Vice-President of the Conservative Party.

Reason for running

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I’m running because I believe our MLAs are not representing our communities, local needs, and the people in the Interior and rural parts of BC. I’m also running because the people deserve a true conservative voice who they can vote for and who shares their perspectives.

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