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Tara Reeve

Tara Reeve

Independent candidate for Langley East
All my policies involve lifting up others, freedom and prosperity, a better environment, fixing industries, and holding our politicians accountable. My goal is to see our society become less discriminatory, diminished poverty, a healthier environment, and enough jobs for all.

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Jobs, the Economy, and Affordability

Housing & Homelessness

Climate Change & the Environment


Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Human Rights & Equality

Transit & Transportation

Public Safety

Children, Childcare, & Youth in Care

Indigenous Issues

Resource Extraction & Export


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Mother, wife, daughter, activist, and now a political candidate. I fight hard for truth, transparency, human rights, the environment, and health sciences. I have a blue collar background. I am passionate about learning. I enjoy sharing what I learn. I want a better world.

My name is Tara Reeve.

I'm 37 years old.

I'm a mother to 3 beautiful kids. A 20 year old, a 4 year old, and an almost 2 year old.

I am the wife of a hard working, handsome man who I have been blessed to spend 8 years of my life with this Thanksgiving.

I am the daughter of a veteran who spent 20+ years serving our country in our military as well as the Royal Canadian Airforce and my deceased mother who instilled in me a genuine love for all people no matter their race, background, gender, sexual orientation, religion or economic standing.

I am an activist for many causes. I am passionate about freedom and prosperity for all. I am on a mission to hold the greedy, corrupt, individuals in government and industry accountable for their poor choices that have affected everything from our society, our relationships, our environment, our freedoms, and our rights. I want to shine light on all the darkness in the world so we can start to heal and fix things.

I stand for truth and transparency in government as well as freedom in all its forms so long as said freedom does not impose harm on another person excluding perceived harms that aren't actually harmful, for example, someone not wearing a mask in public (If you'd like to know why I feel this way about masks just ask me politely and I will answer).

I am a huge proponent for open debate and looking at both sides of any and all issues. I value dissenting voices and abhor censorship, unless of course, whats being censored is prejudice or racist. A little self education, patience, and an open mind can lead to some of the most fruitful discussions which lead to positive solutions to whatever issue is being discussed.

I have a blue collar background. I have held various jobs throughout my life. Accounts Receivable, Receptionist, Server/Bartender, Car Detailer, Sales Associate, and, the best and hardest job of all, Stay At Home Mom.

I have lived a hard life full of struggles which is why I feel I am perfect to serve the people. I know what it's like to suffer and what it feels like when people just don't seem to care.

I am not a politician. I am just someone that sees the state of our city, province, and country and wishes to make bonified changes that will benefit all of us and encourage a healthier, happier, and safer community where everyone can thrive and live how they so choose.

Despite my inexperience in this field I am a fast learner and with something like this where I actually get the opportunity to make REAL change I will do everything in my power to educate myself so I can make the best decisions for all of us. I also am not opposed to asking for help when I am unsure of how to approach something. Truth is, I want the community involved in the process as much as possible.

I am an open book. If you want to know something about me then by all means ask me. I will be happy to discuss it so long as the discussion is civil and conducted in a mature manner.

I am not a perfect person and I have a colorful past, however, I am not a criminal and I am not in this to deceive others. In fact, I'm not even in this for the money as I plan to donate half my paycheque to projects in Langley East that will build up our community if I get voted in.

If these qualities resonate with you please share my campaign page and help promote me to your friends, relatives, and colleague's in the Langley East riding.

My website is up and running and I am just about ready to get myself out into the community.  If you'd like to help in any way feel free to contact me.

Reason for running

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I am running because I am tired of seeing my community, my province, and my country be torn apart by those running it. It is time for a change and to get people that truly care into the Government. I oppose the party lines and feel they are only about their own agendas.

When I look at our society I see homelessness, high overdoses, high alcoholism, high taxes, high suicides, rising domestic/child abuse, major mental health issues, a lack of solutions for those issues, policies that harm the environment, policies and laws that infringe on the rights and freedoms of various demographics, missing indigenous women and children, division among the people, a housing crisis, high unemployment, an exorbitantly high deficit, a Government that seems hell bent on handing over all of our industries to foreign political entities and rich bureaucrats, a Government that does not look at both sides of issues thoroughly before making decisions, a Government that uses coercion and the media to pressure and instill fear in their citizens so they comply with various things, and the list can go on and on.

I am running because I am tired of standing by and doing nothing while these people destroy lives, our health, our communities, and steal from the tax payers to further their agendas or to buy their votes with their own money.

I've had enough and it is time for change. Hopefully I can show the people that change is entirely possible when you put your faith in the right individuals.

We need people without agendas or party lines to tow to truly make a difference in ALL of our lives.  We need balance and structure and to hold the irresponsible civil servants accountable for their poor choices which have lead to our present situation in Canada and B.C.

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