This is a page from the 2019 Canadian general election.

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Gordon Truscott

Gordon Truscott

CHP candidate for Guelph
Of all of the Parties, apparently we are the only one to go to the public and ask what you want. We would then draft legislation and take it back to you and confirm that is what you want before voting for it.


Environment, Climate Change, & Energy

Emissions targets

Policy by Gordon Truscott
Pressure on the car and truck industry to build vehicles with lower emissions is critical. Then too, driving on freeways at 100 kph instead of 120 kph saves 30% of fuel.

Green government operations

Policy by Gordon Truscott
Justin Trudeau's plan to plant 2 billion trees is sound, if a little over ambitious. We should plant as many trees as we can, keeping watch for the right species for a region.

Jobs & the Economy


Housing supply

Policy by Gordon Truscott
Small housing helps everyone to get a starter home. Habitat for Humanity has a good model, engaging prospective homeowners with building their new house. We need more funding to build up the housing supply, especially in smaller towns and cities. not everyone can afford to live in Toronto.

Home ownership

Policy by Gordon Truscott
Home ownership can be possible through helping individuals to save and providing matching grants. So savings of $10,000 could be matched with another $10,000 or $20,000 to provide a down payment on a modest house. People often trade up when they can. A young man I know lives in a house of perhaps 150 square feet.


Policy by Gordon Truscott
A tax on buying houses to flip them for a higher price would slow this practice.

Human Rights

Education & Training

Justice, Crime, & Law Enforcement

Natural Resources

Immigration, Refugees, & Borders

Illicit Drugs & Overdoses

Transit & Transportation

Agriculture & Food

Indigenous Issues


Government & Democracy

International Relations

Government Services & Crown Corporations

Military & Veterans


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I was born sickly and nearly died. I vomited after every feeding for more than the first year of my life. I should have been aborted. Hence I was small and saw myself as useless. I found comfort in reading the Bible every night and managed to see that I had some purpose