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Denise Loucks

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Denise Loucks is the first ever candidate for the Maverick Party in Yorkton-Melville. Denise has lived in the Yorkton-Melville riding all of her life. She worked for over24 years in her family's highway construction business.

Reason for running

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When asked about her reason for becoming a candidate for the party, Denise said, “I am running because I'm not happy with the way the federal government treats the West and our provincial governments. There is a divisive disconnect which I feel needs to end. We need a stronger west to build a better future.” Denise, like many Western Canadians, believes there must be change if the West can achieve a brighter future for generations to come. She believes Western Canada has been taken advantage of by Central Canada and that we have paid more than our share for the betterment of other provinces, while Western Canada continues to struggle.