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Shawn McLean


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Born in Victoria BC, Shawn relocated with his family to the Dawson Creek area at the age of 10 and set roots. After graduation and a few years in the big city of Vancouver, he returned to develop a career with the local cable company. Shawn eventually transitioned to oilfield instrumentation, working on drilling rigs, process facilities and pipeline facilities in Canada, as well as spending a couple years overseas assisting with technology development for off-shore drilling platforms. A divorced father of 2 children, Shawn is a dedicated father, often enjoying outdoor excursions and family related activities with his kids as the diminishing available time of a teenagers social schedule allows. Shawn is a self-proclaimed non-politician, drawn to the PPC by the need of the country for people to step outside their comfort zones and stand up to the corruption and unaccountability of those that believe the voters are beholden to the politicians, instead of the other way around.

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