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Karen Levenson

Karen Levenson

Animal candidate for Guelph
Global science on climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, habitat destruction, and zoonotic disease transmission

Health & Healthcare

Future Pandemics

Policy by Karen Levenson
Eliminate animal agriculture, fur farms, aquaculture, and the wildlife and pet trades. Prohibit the marketing, sale, and purchase of wildlife trade products or services, including trophy hunting. Cooperate with global efforts to prosecute Canadians involved in poaching, trapping, and hunting of wildlife outside of Canada. Eliminate animals in biomedical and defense research.

Climate Change & the Environment

Carbon Capture & Storage

Policy by Karen Levenson
Develop a nationally comprehensive ecosystem map; Enlist provinces and municipalities to create programs, apprenticeships, and jobs that map out natural ecosystems that store large amounts of carbon across Canada; Create ecosystem sanctuaries for the conservation of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems; Freeze development of ecosystems; Charge carbon-producing businesses a quarterly carbon production fee based on carbon output.

Energy Efficient Buildings

Policy by Karen Levenson
Retrofit all public buildings with energy-saving equipment. Require new construction to be designed with energy-saving, climate-protection quality materials. Develop best practices for energy conservation in government buildings. Provide tax incentives for refitting homes and offices with energy-saving technologies. Fund community education on increasing energy efficiency at home and work.

Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Policy by Karen Levenson
End all fossil fuel subsidies. Fossil fuels destroy ecosystems, threaten biodiversity, destabilize the climate, and threaten the futures of children globally. End all federal investment in fossil fuels. Require the fossil fuel industry to fund global aid to the poorest, most vulnerable, and least equipped nations to increase their resilience in the wake of climate breakdown.

Effects of Climate Change

Policy by Karen Levenson
Adopt a recovery package that accelerates the transition to a zero-emissions future by 2025.
Commit to a climate change tax for all industries based on their overall greenhouse gas emissions and depletion of natural carbon sequestering ecosystems.

Green Innovation

Policy by Karen Levenson
Invest in plant-based technologies and product research and development. Fund new academic programs that foster plant-based research and development. Create a Federal Department of Plant-based Innovation and Knowledge-Sharing and appoint a cabinet position.


Policy by Karen Levenson
Remove wildlife management and conservation from the Ministry of Natural Resources file. Create a Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Protection, based on the principles of Compassionate Conservation. Eliminate all wildlife management involving culls or nuisance removals. Instigate human-activities management strategies to protect individuals, species, and natural habitats.


Policy by Karen Levenson
Eliminate the use of pesticides, insecticides, and toxic chemicals for home or industrial use.


Policy by Karen Levenson
Prohibit the use of coal as an energy source.

Jobs & the Economy

News Media & Journalism

Policy by Karen Levenson
Prevent the RCMP from using broad exclusion zones to exclude journalists or restrict media access

Housing & Homelessness

Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Human Rights & Equality


Seniors & Senior Care

Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation

Natural Resources & Extraction

Affordability & Childcare

People with Disabilities

Policy by Karen Levenson
Provide tax breaks to companies hiring, training, and accommodating people with physical/mental health disabilities.

Award government contracts based on full-diversity hiring and retention.

Eliminate physical/social barriers at all levels of government.

Ensure job protection and retraining for health-diverse workers.

Fund national physical/mental health diversity inclusion campaign.

Living in the North

Policy by Karen Levenson
Assist communities/families to develop climate emergency evacuation plans. Retrofit public infrastructure to withstand extreme weather. Expand mental/physical health services for climate challenges. Fund compassionate conservation, wildlife protection, and habitat restoration jobs. Ensure low-cost, high-speed internet services and infrastructure.


Policy by Karen Levenson
Establish government-owned retail banking.

Guaranteed Livable Income

Policy by Karen Levenson
Support a guaranteed livable income program

Food & Nutrition

Policy by Karen Levenson
Implement science-based, grade-appropriate education on the environmental, animal cruelty, and public health hazards of animal agriculture and monocropping.

Introduce plant-based school lunch programs.

End subsidies/tax breaks for animal agriculture/mono-crop farms.

Subsidize biocycle vegan agriculture.

Subsidize the research and development of plant-based technologies and products.

Public Safety & Policing

Immigration & Refugees

Transit & Transportation


Infrastructure Blockades

Policy by Karen Levenson
Protect and support protesters, witness-bearers, whistleblowers, and the media from interference or arrest during non-violent efforts to gather evidence/or prohibit the destruction of habitats and the killing of species.

International Relations



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Karen Levenson is the Animal Protection Party of Canada candidate in Guelph. She is an author, researcher, and scholar with 20 years of experience in professional animal and environmental activism.

We need to think of climate change and mass extinction as part of the DNA of all the other economic, social, and environmental issues and concerns we face. Climate breakdown and mass extinction are not issues related only to fossil fuels or the energy sector. They are the consequences of failures of policy in every aspect of our government. Canada's federal support of animal agriculture, forestry, overfishing, and the chemical and mining industries are heating the planet and killing us. Climate breakdown and mass extinction result from our expectation that an endless growth economy is possible; it is not. We need federal leaders who will help Canadians transition away from climate-destroying and biodiversity-killing industries. We need federal leaders who will educate our citizens about the climate, health, and poverty-ending benefits of a plant-based diet and lifestyle. Climate breakdown and mass extinction cannot be solved with a few minor tweaks to longstanding domestic and international trade policies or by carbon credits or an emissions tax.

Proposing haphazard or disjointed climate and biodiversity protection policies won't stop mass extinction and climate breakdown. The policies of the main four parties will not lead to the deep environmental and social changes we need to take in Canada and globally to stop climate change and biodiversity loss.

Reason for running

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The citizens of Guelph need leaders capable of developing comprehensive and integrated policies that deal with climate breakdown and mass extinction.