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Sivakumar Ramasamy

Sivakumar Ramasamy

Independent candidate for Brampton West
My actions are guided by my vision “TOWARDS SELF-ESTEEM”.
SELF-ESTEEM is nothing but a sense of completeness in oneself

Health & Healthcare

Access to Abortion

Policy by Sivakumar Ramasamy
All should have access to abortion facilities. It is an personal decision for individuals to be made. Government should invest in awareness programs around it.

Future Pandemics

Policy by Sivakumar Ramasamy
Canadians have to become self-sufficient to handle any future pandemics

Review of COVID Response

Policy by Sivakumar Ramasamy
Review is required, to identify where the COVID relief programs have been misused and how an efficient programs can be designed for future with proper checks and balances.

COVID Vaccination

Policy by Sivakumar Ramasamy
People should not be forced directly or Indirectly to take vaccination. It is an individual decision to be made and government should only involve in increasing the awareness around it.

Climate Change & the Environment

Jobs & the Economy

Tax Evasion

Policy by Sivakumar Ramasamy
Tax evaders should be educated, "It is them and their family are the who are getting impacted by supporting tax evasion directly or indirectly".


Policy by Sivakumar Ramasamy
Civilizations can survive only when they become self sufficient in agricultural production. We have to provide all support to local farmers to increase agricultural productivity.

International Trade

Policy by Sivakumar Ramasamy
International treaties' should be made to support the local business survival not for local business take over.


Policy by Sivakumar Ramasamy
As Canadians we have to increase our entrepreneurial engagement more locally. Entrepreneurial education should be provided at early stages of educations itself. Government should support in retaining the entrepreneurship skills with-in the country.

Tech Giants

Policy by Sivakumar Ramasamy
All new innovations should be safeguarded from powerful take overs.

Housing & Homelessness

Housing Prices

Policy by Sivakumar Ramasamy
Housing prices can be controlled only when the government's dependency on construction based industry's Income is reduced

Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Human Rights & Equality

Hate Crimes & Hate Speech

Policy by Sivakumar Ramasamy
A person with self-esteem never involves in any of Hate activities. Similarly person with self-esteem do not give importance to these hate speeches.

Race-Based Data

Policy by Sivakumar Ramasamy
Not supporting any direct or indirect collection of race based data.


Seniors & Senior Care

Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation


Policy by Sivakumar Ramasamy
As Canadians Self-Determination is the only thing which will take us forward .

Natural Resources & Extraction

Affordability & Childcare

People with Disabilities

Policy by Sivakumar Ramasamy

Public Safety & Policing

Immigration & Refugees

Immigration Process

Policy by Sivakumar Ramasamy
Immigration process should be built for building an better Canada .The policies should not be made on international headlines or local politics.

Transit & Transportation


International Relations



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Towards Self-Esteem

Sivakumar Ramasamy was born to a farming family in a remote village. Through the quest of learning, he moved  to various cities and countries, and then finally settled down in Canada by 2011.

Today he is an engineer with a Masters degree in Business Management (MBA) specialized in finance, and he has been working with various financial institutions in Canada and the US for the last 17+ years as an Business Intelligence Architect. He also owns a software consulting firm.

Over these years , he has very actively involved himself with neighborhoods to guide, educate, and help people lead life with self-esteem.

Reason for running

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To make sure people's voices are heard at the House of Commons. People require an alternate thinking mind ,who can see the issues from a common man's perspective without associating dollars to it.