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Hansen Ginn

Hansen Ginn

PPC candidate for New Westminster—Burnaby


Environment, Climate Change, & Energy

Jobs & the Economy


Human Rights

Education & Training

Justice, Crime, & Law Enforcement

Natural Resources

Immigration, Refugees, & Borders

Illicit Drugs & Overdoses

Transit & Transportation

Agriculture & Food

Indigenous Issues


Government & Democracy

International Relations

Government Services & Crown Corporations

Military & Veterans


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Hansen Ginn was born and raised in Calgary, AB and moved to Burnaby, BC in 2017. He works in the fire safety industry and part time in financial services.

Hansen Honn Sun Ginn, a second generation Canadian, was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and moved to Burnaby, British Columbia in 2017. Hansen works in the fire safety industry with Siemens Canada, providing training and support for field staff in Western Canada. He also works part-time in the financial services industry with World Financial Group.

Although Hansen was raised with conservative views, he didn't become involved in politics until 2015, when the Alberta NDP was voted in as the provincial government. This was the spark that ignited a fire in him to learn about the political environment and challenges facing Canada. Hansen’s desire for knowledge runs deep, and he remained unsatisfied with the repetitive narratives of the four major parties, who seemed to constantly recycle the same rhetoric and policies. That’s why, when Maxime Bernier left the Conservative Party of Canada and founded the People’s Party of Canada, Hansen was pleasantly surprised to see the platform reflected his own personal values, leading him to become a founding member. It was during the 2019 Burnaby South by-election and through meeting Laura-Lynn Thompson that Hansen came to realize that it was time to step up and fight for the Canada he loves.