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Christian Montpetit

Christian Montpetit

PPC candidate for Mirabel

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Christian Montpetit, business man and federal politician known for is moderate right political positions. In 2018, following the Conservative Party leadership race outcome, he decided to support with authenticity and ardor his leader Maxime Bernier with whom he shares political convictions. Promoted to the People’s Party of Canada platform in 2019, he ran as a candidate in the 43rd Canadian federal elections.

Born on may 6th 1979, he was raised on the south shore of Montreal. Graduated from the Real Estate College of Montreal at 19 years old, he debuted his 15 years career as a real estate broker specialized in commercial and industrial investments. Christian does not stop there, after successfully achieving stability with Kingbridges Financial Inc, a firm where he sat as C.E.O. for 3 years, in 2004, he obtains a business administration bachelor diploma from the University of Maryland.

From 2007 to 2009 wanting to gain experience internationally, he became the chief operation officer for G.I.M. Properties Inc., a mining and real estate investment firm with several projects in West Africa. In those 2 years, he was able to travel the world and expand his business inner circle. Coming back home and with the bright future ahead of him, in 2010, he founded Manvik Consultants, an international real estate investments portfolio management firm and more recently, Midcorp Canada, where he is actively pursuing the intention of gaining some experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical field.

Proud father of two beautiful children, he proudly represents his fellow citizens in Mirabel electoral district.