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David Bruno

David Bruno

Liberal candidate for Kenora
• Strengthening Indigenous Self Governance
• Better, Faster, Safer Internet Access
• Redevelopment of our forestry industry - renewable resource replacing single use plastics
• Increased Northern Funding based on Equity


Mission Statement

Policy by David Bruno
“It is my mission to harness the technological expertise I’ve gained over the years and use it to help combat online abuses, and provide better faster, safer Internet service and protections for all our constituents.”


submitted by the candidate or their team
HBA (Canada), MA Int. Relations (Spain) • Worked in the Canadian Embassy in Spain. • Served in Canadian Military • Fluent in EN, FR, SP & IT • Over20 years experience as an Entrepreneur & Cyber Security Expert • Recently a Policy contributor to Bill C-11 "Digital Charter"

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
"I believe I’m the best candidate for this NWO Kenora riding. I have the skill set that people are looking for, I know how to get things done, I’ve worked with the government already and I’m here to serve. I believe that I will be the most effective candidate for NWO."