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Wendy Martin

Wendy Martin

PPC candidate for Oxford

Health & Healthcare

Climate Change & the Environment

Jobs & the Economy

Housing & Homelessness

Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Human Rights & Equality


Seniors & Senior Care

Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation

Natural Resources & Extraction

Affordability & Childcare

Public Safety & Policing

Immigration & Refugees

Transit & Transportation


International Relations



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Wendy was born and raised in Branford for most of her life and she built her home in 2014 in the little village of Norwich in Oxford County. In 2017 Wendy enrolled at York University for an 18-month course and graduated with my Human Resource Management Certificate. Before Covid she worked as an HR Manager/Executive Assistant and Bookkeeper for a company that helps to clean water in many industries including oil and gas. Wendy changed careers 6 months later after realizing the border was not going to open and went back to school again to become a Life Insurance Agent.

In 2019 Wendy ran as the first Candidate for Oxford County, and she is pleased to have won the nomination for the second time. It is time there is a voice for her community and to have a strong personality to take on unfair and unconstitutional issues that are happening not just since Covid but for years before. Wendy asks you when did questioning our government become an issue of Censorship? She supports the Constitution which allows us to speak out and peacefully assemble. She wants the people to understand the boundaries of the Federal and Provincial jurisdiction that is founded in the Constitution and those boundaries should be respected by all.

Wendy is a mother of twins and a grandmother to two little girls. Wendy is involved in her community she is the acting Chair the Accessibility Committee in the Township of Norwich this is her second term. She also volunteers for the BIA and Nostalgia Day Festival. Wendy is proud to say she is a Pro Life supporter. Wendy reminds us that today it is not about voting someone out it is about voting someone in who will stand and serve the community. Vote someone in who will represent you in the House of Commons.

Contact Wendy: [email protected]

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