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Marie Morin-Strom

NDP candidate for Sault Ste. Marie

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Marie Morin-Strom is an educator and long-time Sault Ste. Marie resident. She is ready to head to Ottawa and get to work for you, fighting for action on worker’s rights, affordability, health care, and the climate emergency

Reason for running

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A lot is at stake in this election. The pandemic has revealed our world is in crisis and these are tough times for a lot of people in Canada & in Sault Ste. Marie. Marie believes that SSM needs a strong voice in Ottawa

Marie Morin-Strom believes in:

✅ Investing in regional economic development agencies like FedNor

✅ Investing to help small businesses hire new workers and forgiveness of EI and CPP

✅ Investing in the green energy sector will help create good quality jobs as well as reduce greenhouse gasses and protect the environment

✅ Investing in the community and ensuring that there are sufficient affordable housing is important for Canadians

✅ Protecting the Canadian steel markets and ensure that manufactured products are valuable and salable products that are not undercut by foreign countries or foreign producers using potentially dirtier products and flooding the markets

Investment in our community creates jobs, improves the economy and generates tax revenue