This is a page from the 2021 Canadian federal election.

Kyle Free

Kyle Free

PPC candidate for London—Fanshawe
Individual freedom. Peronsal responsibility. Fairness. Respect. Freedom is the most important things we have in our country. If our freedoms are taken away, what do we have left? I am thankful to represent the PPC in fighting for strong values and principles here in Canada.

Health & Healthcare

Climate Change & the Environment

Jobs & the Economy

Housing & Homelessness

Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Human Rights & Equality


Seniors & Senior Care

Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation

Natural Resources & Extraction

Affordability & Childcare

Public Safety & Policing

Immigration & Refugees

Transit & Transportation


International Relations



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I grew up in a small town in Northern Ontario, have lived in Florida, China, and South Korea. I look forward to using my international experiences from around the world to make a difference in Canada and in our local community. It's time to do politics differently.

Reason for running

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The past two years have show us just how important it is that we stand up for our fundamental freedoms. I am running as PPC candidate for London-Fanshawe to bring common sense back to politics, and to work for you, the people. It's time to put Canada and Canadians first.