Chylow Hall

PPC candidate for Ottawa South
The most important issue facing us in this election and the future of Canada is the implementation of the vaccine passport. A very scary precedence is being set. Talk of booster shots every 6 months are on the horizon. These vaccine passports will have an expiry date!

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Concerned citizen, Mother of 3. Vaccinated or Unvaccinated standing together to reject the tyranny of mandatory vaccines! United under banner, freedom of choice, responsible and accountable government! True North and Free!

Hello, my name is Chylow Hall and I am a candidate for the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) in the Ottawa South riding. I was born and raised in Alberta. At an early age I joined the Army reserve and began my career within the telecommunications field as a Lineman. After several contracts with the military I began working for the private sector in the information technology (IT) field. This career path has provided me with many various working opportunities in several different work departments and locations throughout Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick. I currently reside in Ottawa with my 3 teenage boys aged 14, 16 and 18. I am also a small business owner. The reason that I am running for the PPC is that I am concerned about the future of Canada and the future of our children. I do not see any viable options within the federal political establishment other than the PPC. Their strong stances on, NO vaccine passports, NO lockdowns, freedom of choice, speaking out against Government authoritarianism and control is something that I personally feel very strongly about. We need a Government reset on all fronts (provincial and federal). It is important for me to stand firm on my convictions. If elected I will fight for the constituents who elected me, I am a person that wants to represent the people, respond to the people and provide the people with a voice! As this is what our current governments are lacking in politics today.

Reason for running

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I am running because I am passionate about this country. We need a new voice! One that is accountable to the people. Canadians deserve better, they deserve accountability and they deserve to have their rights and freedoms upheld. I want a future our children can look forward to!