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Katelyn Zimmer

All my policies are focused on caring for people.

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Katelyn is a second-generation veterinarian and lives with her husband Joe, a civil engineer, and 2 children, Stan and Hazel, just outside Craven. Their acreage is in the RM of Longlaketon, on the edge of the Qu’Appelle Valley overlooking Last Mountain Lake, and is home to 2 dogs, a horse & pony, 2 miniature donkeys and flock of chickens.

Katelyn has strong prairie ties. Her parents were born and raised in Regina, her mother trained as a nurse at the Regina General Hospital and her father attended the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) in Saskatoon. She has fond memories of spending summers in Saskatchewan, catching grasshoppers with her grandpa and eating peas in the pod from the market gardens on the way to Regina Beach.

Katelyn moved to Saskatoon in 2005 to finish her Bachelor of Science degree in physiology and ended up staying in Saskatchewan after falling in love with the province and her husband! She graduated from the WCVM in 2014 with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and worked in mixed animal practice for 2 years before joining the team at Victoria Veterinary Clinic in Regina.

Katelyn is currently the Vice President of the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association (SVMA) and is proud to have served as their representative on the Search Committee that recently appointed the first female dean of the WCVM. Prior to joining council, Katelyn was an active member and chair of the Professional Wellness Committee, an advisory committee whose mandate is to promote and support the well-being of SVMA members and their families.

During both her education and career, Katelyn has a track record of volunteer work and involvement. Her favorite part about her work as a veterinarian is forming relationships with clients, and she has a genuine interest in getting to know people. She will communicate the unique concerns of her constituents and the prairies, improve dialogue and work constructively toward agreeable compromises and solutions.

As a wife, mother and an employee of a small business, Katelyn hopes to be someone that the residents of Moose Jaw-Lake Center-Lanigan can relate to, and she is eager to represent and advocate for rural Saskatchewan. Katelyn looks forward to contributing to the Liberal Party’s initiatives as they relate to families, farming communities, and the future.

Reason for running

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The strong feeling that more women are needed as elected representatives, a concern for the quality of candidates given the harsh political climate, and an intolerance for inaction and apathy. It was definitely NOT an excess of spare time or a love of public speaking????