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Estelle Hjertaas

Estelle Hjertaas

Liberal candidate for Prince Albert


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Estelle is a lawyer and community leader in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She is also a mother who loves hunting, hiking, paddling and dancing.

Estelle is a devoted community leader who has always felt that public service is a duty. As a result, she has dedicated her life to helping people and fighting for those without a voice. That commitment has led her to stand as the Liberal candidate - to be your voice in Ottawa and bring resources to tackle the challenges facing our communities.

As a lawyer with Legal Aid Saskatchewan for seven years, Estelle works with youth and adults in PA, and travels with the Cree court to Indigenous communities to represent those who could not otherwise afford to hire a lawyer.

These experiences have made the challenges of poverty, addiction, and intergenerational trauma deeply personal and redoubled Estelle's commitment to ensure no one is left behind.

Outside of the legal world, Estelle has embedded herself in Prince Albert, fostering connections by founding Prince Albert Young Professionals and Prince Albert Salsa, promoting childhood literacy by co-founding the local Dolly Parton Imagination Library, sitting on eight other boards including for the JMC Library and the Prince Albert YWCA. In addition, Estelle volunteers with organizations including Pro Bono Law and Big Brothers Big Sisters. A lover of the outdoors, she hunts, hikes, paddles and camps.

Estelle holds a Bachelor of Arts (Joint Honours in History and Political Science) from McGill University, and then graduated cum laude with both Common and Civil Law degrees from University of Ottawa with a focus on environmental law and indigenous law.

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
Because I want to help people. In my job, I stand up for people every day. My passion for helping people is what first led me to PA, what I love and what I do in all aspects of my life. I believe I can most effectively stand up for and help by entering federal politics.

As a lawyer with Legal Aid, I work with youth and adults in PA, and travel with the Cree court to Indigenous communities to represent those who could not otherwise afford to hire a lawyer. As a tireless champion for my clients, I have gained an understanding of the links between poverty, addictions, intergenerational trauma, the legacy of colonialism and crime – and how to reduce crime by addressing its root causes. What I also gained is connections to people whose lives have been derailed by disadvantage and abuse or by cognitive challenges, people who have gone missing or been murdered, and youth who have committed suicide, making these challenges deeply personal and redoubling my commitment to address them and ensure that no one is left behind. This frontline experience motivates me to try to build a healthier society – as much as possible in my day-to-day life, and through political action.