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Guto Penteado

Guto Penteado

PPC candidate for Saskatoon—University

Health & Healthcare

Climate Change & the Environment

Jobs & the Economy

Housing & Homelessness

Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Human Rights & Equality


Seniors & Senior Care

Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation

Natural Resources & Extraction

Affordability & Childcare

Public Safety & Policing

Immigration & Refugees

Transit & Transportation


International Relations



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Guto Penteado is an open-minded entrepreneur and businessman with traditional conservative values and principles. He defends a free market economy without government interference, the privatization of Crown corporations, the end of interprovincial trade barriers, the freedom of speech, and Canada’s political sovereignty. Guto is a Brazilian immigrant who arrived in Canada 19 years ago and believes that immigration policies should focus on recruiting skilled immigrants who will contribute to Canada’s economy. Outside of business and politics, he loves camping, fishing and hunting. As a gun owner and hunter, he wants a fair and simplified gun policy, and more respect towards law-abiding gun owners.

Guto and his wife Giovana were born in Brazil and moved to Canada 18 years ago. Since then, they have been living in Saskatoon, SK where they raised a beautiful family and have been running their own businesses for several years. Guto has a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Marketing, and runs two companies in Saskatoon: CanaCanadian Communications and Top Fishing – Premier Fishing Tours to Brazil.

Whether in Brazil or Canada, Guto has always been an active part of the community. In Brazil, he was a member and president of the local Rotary Club where he helped in developing and implementing several community projects in the areas of education, health care and infrastructure. He was nominated by the Rotary International to be one of the regional “Matching Grants” projects coordinators in Brazil, funding over USD$200,000 in equipment and vehicles to deprived communities in Asia. Guto was also chosen by Rotary International to lead a group of professionals during a 40-day excursion to India.

Here in Canada, Guto and his family have always participated in community events. In 2007, Guto was a co-founder and board member of Brasa – Brazilian Association of Saskatoon.

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