This is a page from the 2021 Canadian federal election.

Renate Siekmann

Renate Siekmann

PPC candidate for Vancouver Quadra
Standing for individual freedom, responsibility, fairness, and mutual respect.

Health & Healthcare


Policy by Renate Siekmann
Create the conditions for provincial and territorial governments to be fully responsible for health care funding and management, and fully accountable to their citizens for the results, while Ottawa will respect the Constitution and stop meddling.

Climate Change & the Environment

Climate Change & Environment

Policy by Renate Siekmann
Prioritize implementing practical solutions to make Canada’s air, water and soil cleaner, including bringing clean drinking water to remote First Nations communities.

Jobs & the Economy

Public Finance

Policy by Renate Siekmann
Debts and deficits are nothing more than deferred taxes on our children and grandchildren. Instead of buying votes with borrowed money, a responsible government should cut spending, balance the budget as quickly as possible, lower taxes to put money back into Canadians’ pockets.


Policy by Renate Siekmann
Ottawa should stop taking billions of dollars from the private sector and redistributing them through subsidies. It should instead lower taxes for all businesses and encourage saving and investment to make our economy more productive.

Lower taxes & income increase

Policy by Renate Siekmann
Gradually reduce over the course of one mandate the corporate income tax rate from its current 15% down to 10%. When completed, this measure will make about $9.5 billion available to businesses, allowing them to increase salaries or invest in productivity improvements.*

Inter-Provincial Equalization

Policy by Renate Siekmann
Provinces should not be receiving equalization payments for decades, just like individuals should not be receiving welfare cheques all their lives. It's time to stop rewarding provincial governments for not adopting better economic policies. The Constitution does not commit the federal government to spend $20 billion a year on equalization; does not prescribe any specific formula.

Housing & Homelessness

Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Human Rights & Equality

Freedom of speech

Policy by Renate Siekmann
What some people find politically incorrect, offensive or even hateful cannot serve as the legal basis for discrimination and censorship. Canadians should be able to enjoy maximum freedom of conscience and expression as guaranteed in Section 2 of the Charter.


Seniors & Senior Care

Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation

Indigenous Relations

Policy by Renate Siekmann
PPC government will explore options to replace the paternalistic Indian Act, which keeps indigenous peoples in a state of dependency and allows the federal government to control most aspects of their lives, with a new legal framework with equal rights and community self-reliance.

Natural Resources & Extraction

Affordability & Childcare

Public Safety & Policing

Immigration & Refugees

Immigration & Refugees

Policy by Renate Siekmann
Immigration policy should prioritize Canada’s economic interests and be calibrated in a way that does not harm Canadian values and the maintenance of our national identity. Current refugee policy is unsustainable, costly, and is being abused by false refugees. The moral obligation of Canada’s government is to first help those in need among our own population, and then to give priority to real refugees.

Transit & Transportation


International Relations

Foreign Policy

Policy by Renate Siekmann
Canada needs a common-sense foreign policy focused on the security and prosperity of Canadians, not an ideological approach that compromises our interests. Save billions of dollars by phasing out development aid, and focus Canadian international assistance exclusively on emergency humanitarian action in cases such as health crises, major conflicts and natural disasters.




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I’m a mother of 4, an Academy Award-nominated documentary producer, & have worked in business & start-ups my entire career.

Reason for running

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In a country increasingly under the thumb of authoritarian leadership, I will fight on your behalf for individual rights and freedoms, fairness and mutual respect. I will also fight for our environment & give full support to our Canadian small businesses. Our businesses matter!