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Ellen Papenburg

Ellen Papenburg

Animal candidate for Kitchener Centre

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Ellen is a Long-time activist, many times politically involved, a Dutch immigrant, 40 years in Canada. She has the well-being of animals, people and the planet in mind. She is very worried about the future of her grandchildren. This is OUR Space-Ship Earth. There is NO planet B!

All her life a vegetarian, Ellen turned vegan (whole food plant-based) several years ago.

She was an activist and newsletter editor with the Young Vegetarians and board member of the Nederlandse Vegetariers Bond in the 70s in the Netherlands. She joined Action Volunteers for Animals and the Toronto Vegetarian Association after she immigrated to Canada 35 years ago. She enjoyed participating as a federal and provincial candidate in Perth-Wellington in the 2011 election for the NDP, coming in second in the federal election, ahead of the Liberals.

Animal rights and welfare and climate change are top priorities. She saw the success of the Party for the Animals in The Netherlands in 2017 when she partook in the Annual Conference in Amersfoort and visited with the party's Senators and MPs. Many things have positively changed for the animals there, as the little party encouraged the other bigger parties into taking action for the animals and thus changed a lot of laws in the Netherlands, benefitting humans as well. She ran again in 2019 but now for the Animal Protection Party. We can do this in Canada!

Reason for running

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We are the only party who have the protection of ALL Beings as their main vision. Animal agriculture is causing major pollution, wasting water and 80% of agri land is used for animal feed. We can reduce eating animal products, plant forests instead, off-setting carbon emissions.

I am worried about the future of my grandchildren. The Animal Protection Party ( has a solid platform looking after All Beings, Animals, and Humans and the Earth. We can plant forests, having a very important impact on emissions and reinstating wildlife. All animals should be properly treated and protected, including food animals. Life should be affordable, improving mental health care, free education, free dental care and funded child care and much more. If people have education they can have good jobs, more buying power and pay taxes so we can balance the economy. This is an extinction crisis, we can not wait. Weather Disasters have increased about FIVE times in 20 years. We have to act now! Our vision is good for the animals, our Earth and ourselves. The is no Planet B! Vote Ellen Papenburg in Kitchener Centre