This is a page from the 2021 Canadian federal election.

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Brandon Kirby

Brandon Kirby

Libertarian candidate for Fredericton

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I have a start up company on anti-money laundering for Cayman Island hedge funds, focusing on anti-human trafficking. I also own a real estate company, and trade commodities and cryptocurrencies.

People can give talking points then get to Ottawa and we find out there was nothing on their resume that suggested they could accomplish any of their opinionated bullet points. It matters when we have a finance minister without a background in finance, it causes massive spikes in the cost of living. It matters when we have a minister of health, it causes us to be among the last countries in the G20 to have a vaccine rollout. I'll share what's on my resume:

-I've worked in anti-human trafficking, and would love to redesign Canada's AML laws so we can join the rest of the developed world and get the tools to go after sex-traffickers in this country.

-I've worked 8 seasons as a tax consultant, and would love to see a simplification of our tax code that allows us to attract more business investment, leaving more money in people's pockets.

-I'm on the board of directors for Smart Grid Innovation Network - helping to transition Canada to clean energy; and I have a 30% rate of return on my green tech investments last quarter, I could pull off 120% this year, and I had 117% the year before my last campaign. I would love to bring that acumen to Ottawa.

-I have 6 years experience in real estate and in the mortgage industry, and would love to tackle Canada's housing crisis. In the last election, during several debates, I claimed the problem was with CMHC regulations. In Jenica's townhall I asked her if anything was being done with CMHC regulations and was met with eye rolls. When the John Howard society got a decline to purchase the City Motel, they received a CMHC decline. Experience matters. We need an influx of supply to lower rents, which is good for renters, and allows for charities to qualify more easily for mortgages.

-Cost of living: I've had quite a lot of success betting against the Canadian dollar in terms of commodities and cryptocurrencies. Prices of everything are rising due to inflation and this has to be fundamental to any poverty reduction program.

-Lastly, I did two years doing audits of service delivery providers for at-risk youth. Some of our service delivery programs work, others don't. I think we need to support the programs that work, and eliminate the ones that don't.

Reason for running

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Canada is complicit in genocide, with the Saudi Arms Deal, where our weapons are used to exterminate the Zaidi Muslims in North Yemen. Cost of living is getting out of control. Our environmental policy is a mess. We need to get the right people in office.