This is a page from the 2021 Canadian federal election.

Valerie Brooks

Valerie Brooks

Green candidate for Yorkton—Melville
The following policies are taken from the document called "Vision Green" found on the Green Party Website. For a more complete understanding please refer to this document.

Health & Healthcare

Access to Abortion

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Negotiate the Canada Health Accord to prioritise access to safe abortion services; Oppose any possible government move to diminish access to safe, legal abortion.

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Health Funding

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Increase health transfers by basing them on demographics & healthcare needs in each province; Reevaluate the Canada Health Transfer to cover rural communities with an equitable amount of funding to meet the needs of the community.

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Future Pandemics

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Create an intergovernmental rapid response task force, to be activated immediately when facing emergencies; Ensure robust capacity for pharmaceutical manufacturing; Increase domestic production of PPE; Lessen overall dependence on global supply chains for essential goods & services; Strengthen the Global Public Health Intelligence Network; Provide long-term funding to the Public Health Agency.

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Review of COVID Response

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Order a public inquiry to evaluate the joint response between all levels of government to examine what went well & what could have been done better.

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Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Expand the Canada Health Act to fully fund a universal pharmacare programme; Create a bulk drug purcahsing agency; Reduce drug patent protection periods; Establish a clear timeline for implementing universal pharmacare, with a Canadian Drug Agency established and a programme covering a list of essential medicines launched in 2022, and a comprehensive programme rolled out by 2025.

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Dental Care

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Expand Medicare to include free dental care for low-income Canadians.

Healthcare Access

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Reduce wait times, particularly for primary care; Support provinces in implementing new delivery models, such as telemedicine.

Improve Our Chronic Care System

Policy by Valerie Brooks
● Improve our existing chronic care system:
1. Recognize autism spectrum disorder as treatable with costs of behavioural therapy
covered by the health care system.
2. Enshrine a policy that seniors’ care must be provided in the communities where they or
their families live;
3. Expand home support and home care programs and assisted-living services to support
people with chronic care needs, including the many seniors who wish to stay in their own
homes and communities;
4. Transfer funds to provinces to build and open more long-term care beds;
5. Educate Canadians about end-of-life issues; increase funding for palliative care hospices
in hospitals and our communities; enact ‘living-will’ legislation that guarantees people
the right to limit or refuse medical intervention and treatment so people can make the
choice of dying with dignity (see Section 4.4 Seniors and 4.5 Dying with Dignity).

Climate Change & the Environment

Shipping & Marine Protection

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Include Indigenous Peoples in all aspects of marine protection site selection, management, & decision-making; Commit permanent funding for marine conservation; Support a ban on deep seabed mining until at least 2030; Implement an Extended Producer Responsibility program for synthetic fishing gear; Set zero-emissions targets for marine vessels by 2040 & ports & inland vessels by 2030.

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Energy Efficient Buildings

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Create & implement a national green retrofit of existing residential, commercial, institutional, & industrial buildings; Support agencies & institutions to create programmes to carry out green retrofits in different areas & for different communities; Update the national building code to require all new construction & major renovations to older buildings meet net-zero standards by 2030.

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Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
End all subsidies to the fossil fuel sector; End leasing of federal lands for fossil fuel production and retire existing licenses.

Emissions Reductions Targets

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% below 2005 levels by 2030, with clear, enforceable targets & timelines starting in 2023; Achieve net-zero emissions as quickly as possible, with net-negative in 2050.


Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Create fire breaks & fire suppression; Provide physical resources to deal with fires quickly; Include fire mitigation subsidies to owners of rural properties, allowing them to better manage the health of their forests.


Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Ban non-essential, single-use plastics by the end of the year; Promote green procurement practices; Promote sustainable waste management systems; Promote a legally-binding global plastics agreement; Ratify the Basel Ban Amendment.

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Effects of Climate Change

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Increase funding for the Disaster Mitigation & Adaptation Fund to support climate resilience projects, including wildfire mitigation, rehabilitation of storm water systems, & restoration of wetlands, shorelines, & other natural infrastructure; Create an independent, scientific, non-partisan, diverse Climate Council to advise the government.

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Green Innovation

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Develop partnerships across disciplines with government, non-profit organisations, academic institutions, & industry; Invest in research & necessary equipment, including the possibility of a shared climate super computer; Establish a federally-funded $1B Green Venture Capital Fund to support viable local green business start-ups.

Industrial Carbon Emissions

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Enact a Carbon Border Adjustment; Continuously evaluate the impact of the Carbon Border Adjustment on developing countries through a lens of global environmental justice.

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Carbon Pricing

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Increase the federal carbon price by $25/tonne each year until 2030.

Energy Sources

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Ensure 100% of Canadian electricity is produced from renewable sources by 2030; Ban further development of nuclear power in Canada.

Energy Grid

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Build inter-ties to link existing provincial grids, creating a national energy corridor for green renewable energy; Implement a national, non-emitting electricity grid.

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Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Support Indigenous-led protected & conservation areas; Fund stewardship by Indigenous guardians; Implement Canada's commitments under the Convention on Biological Diversity & follow-up protocols; Protect a minimum of 30% of freshwaters & lands by 2030 & 50% by 2050; Modernise the Canadian Environmental Protection Act; Create a national urban biodiversity regeneration strategy.

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Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Set targets for reducing the use of pesticides in agriculture; Assist farmers in moving to organic & regenerative farming; Revive & expand the National Pesticides Monitoring & Surveillance Network; Create an adverse effects reporting database for doctors & emergency rooms to track health impacts of pesticides & other chemicals; Ban neonicotinoid pesticides.

Environmental Rights

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Ensure the right to a healthy environment, enforceable in law; Support swift passage of the proposed National Strategy Respecting Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice Act; Expand access to nearby nature, especially for racialised people & those facing systemic barriers; Require labelling of chemicals & GMOs in consumer products.

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Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Create a dedicated, long-term funding programme for water infrastructure.

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Sustainable Finance

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Require federal public investment funds, including the CPP Investment Board, to divest from fossil fuels.

Worker Transition

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Introduce a Just Transition Act before the end of 2021; Plan for a fair transition of workers towards a decarbonised economy, that protects communities from displacement, & in which affected people are leading the preparation of their transition strategies; Use wage insurance, retraining programmes, & early retirement plans.

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Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Stop exporting US coal from Canadian ports.

Toxic Substances

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Limit CEPA approval & use of toxic chemicals that affect human health & environment; Regulate microfibres as a toxic substance under CEPA; Ban all toxic ingredients in personal care products.

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Jobs & the Economy

Tax Evasion

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Our fiscal plan is straightforward. Use the tax system to help meet societal and ecological goals.
Get the prices right. Allow business to pursue profit, with clear signals of environmental and
societal objectives.
The Green commitment to Green tax relief will:
● Reduce income taxes;
● Reduce payroll taxes;
● Raise taxes on profits of large corporations to the mid-range of OECD countries;
● Recover taxes hidden in off-shore tax havens;
● Establish an arm’s length Federal Tax Commission to analyze the tax system for fairness and
accessibility, based on the principle of progressive taxation. The last Tax Commission was in
the 1960s, making reform long overdue. The Commission would include recommending an
appropriate way of taxing cryptocurrencies.

Parental Leave

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Expand parental leave to include leave to care for elderly family members and leave following miscarriages.


Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Amend pension benefit legislation for federally-regulated pensions to maintain pension plan solvency; Introduce a refundable tax credit equal to the amount of pension loss an individual incurs when a pension fails, as a temporary measure; Enable the creation of a Distressed Pension Facility during corporate insolvency; Establish super-priority of pensioners & pension plans in creditor hierarchy during insolvency proceedings.

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Unions & Worker Control

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Actively promote and encourage collective bargaining as a human right and a Charter right.


Policy by Valerie Brooks
Ensure fair trade by:
o Prioritizing fair trade in agricultural exports and imports;
o Ensuring that supply management systems provide stable domestic markets, provide viable farm income and permit unregulated production by smaller and family farms that sell to local market;
o Reviewing the impacts of abolishing the Canadian Wheat Board and considering there-establishment of a coordinating mechanism to organize the efficient shipment of high quality Canadian grains;
Reduce corporate control of the food supply by:
Reforming agriculture regulations to challenge corporate concentration;
o Ensuring that farm support payments are farm-based (not production-based) to encourage more farms and more farmers;
o Encouraging organic farming methods to improve farm profitability and sustainability.
Assist farmers in climate change adaptation by:
o Encouraging farming methods that increase carbon sequestration and decrease water requirements;
o Establishing GHG emission targets for all

Supply Management

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Require that government purchase Canadian-made products and services wherever possible
and, if imports are necessary, procure certified fair-trade goods (produced with responsible
labour and environmental practices) wherever possible;
● Require that all government departments and agencies incorporate a ‘triple bottom line’
(social, economic, and environmental cost/benefit) analysis in purchasing goods and services
and assessing their operations and programs;
● Require that all government departments and agencies meet the highest environmental
standards including full recycling, purchase and use of small energy-efficient vehicles, and
energy-efficient and toxic-free buildings with toxic-free grounds maintenance;
● Ensure transparency in purchasing decisions by making that information available for public

International Trade

Policy by Valerie Brooks
● Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement
1. Renegotiate bi-lateral and multi-lateral (CETA & TPP) trade agreements, and negotiate
any new ones, to follow the format set for NAFTA as noted above,
2. Remove the current model of Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanisms (ISDS) in all
existing trade agreements and prohibit its use in any new agreements. Trading partners
with weak domestic judicial systems must be required to improve their systems so
investors can count on courts to uphold the rule of law. Only trading partners that are
democratic and adhere to the rule of law will get ‘Most Favoured Nation’ status in trade
3. All trade agreements must include binding labour, health, safety consumer and
environmental standards and trading partners with lower standards must establish a
process and schedule for improving standards before they can increase market share and
have tariffs removed.
4. Preserve Canada’s


Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Promote entrepreneurship training & business support, especially for women, young, racialised, & Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Scientific Research & Exp. Dev

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Invest in scientific research; Implement the full funding recommendations from Canada's Fundamental Science Review; Increase funding for granting councils from $22.4B to $30B; Restore Climate Change & Atmospheric Research funding to the Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council (NSERC); Support NSERC's Framework on Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion.

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Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Increase R&D spending to 2.5% of GDP; Establish a dedicated innovation agency focusing on developing joint projects across universities, private industry, & national labs; Increase direct federal funding for private & student-led business R&D; Provide access to federally-funded intellectual property at a discount to Canadian companies with Canadian operations.

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Tech Giants

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Ensure that all new software developed for or by government is based on open standards and
encourage and support a nationwide transition to FLOSS in all critical government IT
systems. This will make Canada’s IT infrastructure more secure and robust, lower
administration and licensing costs, and develop IT skills;


Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Place a 10% tax on sugary drinks.

Small Businesses

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Extend wage & rent subsidies until pandemic-related restrictions are fully lifted; Hold the small business tax rate at no more than 9%; Eliminate duplicative tax filings; Streamline approvals for Small & Medium Enterprises to adopt technologies; Subsidise the implementation of new clean technologies across all Small & Medium Enterprises.

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Arts & Culture

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Increase funding to all of Canada’s arts and culture organizations including the Canada
Council for the Arts, Telefilm Canada, orchestras, theatres, and publishers. The goal will be
to make increases in this sector commensurate with increases in support over the years for
other sectors such as transport, energy, and health care;

● Enact legislation that requires cinemas and video chains to have at least 20% Canadian
● Restore Restore and improve arm’s length principles in the governance of arts and cultural
institutions and agencies under federal jurisdiction. In keeping with such a position, we
believe that the heads of Canada’s cultural organizations such as the CRTC, Canada Council,
CBC, and Telefilm Canada should not be appointed by the political party in power but by an
arm’s length committee made up of competent people representative of the various diverse
stakeholders in Canadian society;
● Seek greater support and adequate resources for arts grants

Housing & Homelessness


Policy by Valerie Brooks


Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Declare housing affordability & homelessness a national emergency; Support existing youth shelters & other infrastructure through federal grants; Invest in creating new youth shelter sin urban & small urban centres; Remove shelter maximum stays for youth; Provide on-site & remote access guidance counselling & therapy for homeless youth; Provide optional relocation services for rural homeless youth

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Housing Prices

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Declare housing affordability & homelessness a national emergency; Create national standards to establish rent & vacancy controls; Provide a retroactive residential arrears program for Canadians at risk of eviction or of being driven into homelessness due to accumulated rent; Raise the empty homes tax for foreign & corporate residential property owners.

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Money Laundering

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Crack down on money laundering in Canadian real estate.

Housing Supply

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Update the formula for defining affordable housing, accounting for regional variance; Fund non-profit & co-op purchasing of existing buildings; Expand the Rapid Housing Initiative; Invest in building & operating 50K supportive housing units over 10 years; Build & acquire 300K units of coop & non-profit housing over 10 years; Create a Co-op Housing Strategy; Refocus CMHC on supporting affordable, non-market, & co-op housing; Appoint a Minister of Housing.

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Renter & Home-Buyer Protections

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Immediately appoint a Federal Housing Advocate; Place a national moratorium on evictions until the pandemic is over, & for a reasonable time after, in cooperation with provincial governments.

Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Addiction & the Opioid Crisis

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Declare the drug poisoning crisis a national public health emergency; Remove criminal penalties for personal possession & use of all drugs; Legislate the change rather than relying on informal or discretionary measures; Increase funding to community-based organisations to test drugs & support users; Implement a national education & distribution program for Naloxone; Ensure a safe supply.

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Mental Health Services

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Establish a national mental health strategy & a suicide prevention strategy; Negotiate the Canada Health Accord to prioritise expansion of mental health & rehabilitation services, & call for mental health services as medically necessary; Increase direct federal funding for community-based mental healthcare; Invest in community supportive housing.

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Miscarriages & Stillbirth

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Expand parental leave to include leave following miscarriages.

Youth Mental Health

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Provide specific funding for early mental health interventions; Launch a targeted strategy to ensure timely access to mental health services for young people & children; Provide funding for prevention, treatment, & research related to youth mental health; Call for a national study on the impact of phones & social media on mental health in adolescents.

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Human Rights & Equality

Data Privacy

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Enshrine citizens' digital rights, including the right to not be profiled online; Distinguish between demographic profiling & psychometric profiling.

The Blood Ban

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
End the blood ban.

Conversion Therapy

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Ban & condemn the practice of conversion therapy, in all its forms.

Gender Equity

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Pass pay equity legislation; Immediately implement full pay equity for women employed in the federal sector; Develop tax incentives for companies to meet standards; Establish specific job reentry programmes for women with children; Advocate that all political parties nominate, train, & support more women & gender-diverse candidates.

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Hate Crimes & Hate Speech

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Develop better guidelines to address the weaponisation of free expression to promote hate speech & propaganda.

Indigenous & Black Incarceration

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Expand on & codify the requirement for sentencing judges to take into account systemic & historical racism; Develop clear laws & guidelines aligned with R. v. Ipeelee & R. v. Gladue; Implement additional laws to reduce incarceration of Indigenous peoples; Eliminate mandatory minimum sentences.

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Employment Discrimination

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Support the 23 recommendations outlined in the LGBT Purge Fund's report "Emerging from the Purge".

Trans Health & Access

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Negotiate the Canada Health Accord to prioritise access to gender-affirming health services; Listen to feedback on census questions; Ensure trans, non-binary, & Two Spirit people are able to alter their sex designation on all federally-issued documents, without undertaking surgeries; Require accessible facilities in all federal buildings, including gender-neutral washrooms & changing facilities.

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Racism & Discrimination

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Implement all TRC Calls to Action; Implement all Calls to Justice from the Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls; Implement the recommendations of the Report of the UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent on its Mission to Canada.

LGBTQ2 Rights & Opportunities

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Establish a funding programme within Health Canada to support community-based organisations offering targeted LGBTQI2+ youth mental health & well-being programmes; Fund community-driven education & awareness programmes & referral programmes; Ban & condemn the practice of medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex children.

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Sex Work

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Reform sex work laws to focus on harm reduction; Legalise the sex work industry; Increase funding for community organisations providing services to those driven to sex work by economic deprivation.

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Solitary confinement

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Immediately ensure the Federal Advisory Committee on Prisoner Isolation receives access to required information to monitor the state of solitary confinement in Canada's prisons; Ensure the recommendations of the Office of the Correctional investigator with respect to Structured Intervention Units are implemented; Implement the Senate amendments to Bill C-83.

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Job Training

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Increase the Canada Training Benefit; Support post-secondary institutions to provide new, innovative academic offerings.

Post-Secondary Tuition

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Abolish post-secondary education tuition; Cancel all federally-held student loan debt; Introduce a $2,000/mo retroactive Canada Emergency Student Benefit, until the pandemic is over; Remove the 2% cap on increases in education funding for Indigenous students; Improve funding in federal-provincial transfers to universities & colleges.

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Seniors & Senior Care

Long-Term Care

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Bring long-term care under the Canada Health Act; Create enforceable National Standards for LTC, enforced through penalties including criminal prosecution; Require Emergency & Pandemic Preparedness for LTC, including supplies of PPE; Set a national standard of 4 hours / day of regulated care for each resident; Increase staffing; Improve training, fair pay, benefits, & paid sick leave for staff.

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Aging in Place

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Expand parental leave to include leave to care for elderly family members; Increase the proportion of LTC investment in community & home-based care from 13% to 35%; Make the Caregiver Tax Credit refundable; Change the Home Renovation Tax Credit from $10K/household to $10K/person.

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Health & Security

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Develop & fund a National Dementia Strategy; Establish a Federal Office of the Seniors' Advocate to provide oversight & leadership on issues related to the current needs of Canadian Seniors; Develop a National Elder Abuse & Neglect Strategy.

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Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Increase the CPP's target income replacement rate over time for income received during work years; Regulate the CPP Investment Board to require divestment of coal, oil, & gas shares; Ensure all investments by the CPP Investment Board are ethical & promote environmental sustainability.

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Physician Assisted Death - Living and Dying with Dignity

Policy by Valerie Brooks
● Amend the Medical Assistance in Dying legislation to ensure that everyone has the choice of
dying with dignity. This includes allowing advance directives and guaranteeing the right to
draw up a ‘living will’ that gives an individual the power to limit or refuse medical
intervention and treatment.

Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation

Indigenous Broadband

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and reform
all judicial, legislative, and executive branches of the federal government so that they are
consistent with the Declaration;
● Implement the recommendations of the 1996 Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal
Peoples, insofar as it is consistent with UNDRIP;
Implement the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, as well as the
recommendations from the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls;

Mental Health

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Increase support for Indigenous-led, culturally safe, mental health programs & services; Ensure all programming is guided by the First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum Framework; Establish permanent funding for land-based, trauma-informed, community addictions care for Indigenous peoples; Double the Aboriginal Health Human Resources Initiative's budget.

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Drinking Water

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Invest in & upgrade critical infrastructure to ensure safe water access & to be able to lift boil water advisories in every community; Support Indigenous-led processes to implement safe drinking water & wastewater management systems.


Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Formally repudiate the doctrines of terra nullius, discovery, & others of superiority; Establish a process to transition from the Indian Act, based on free, prior, & informed consent; Implement the recommendations of the 1996 Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples; Work with Indigenous Peoples & their governing institutions on a nation-to-nation basis; Recognise the rights of non-status & Métis as Indigenous.

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Residential Schools

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Provide sustainable funding for new & existing Indigenous Healing Centres to address the harms caused by residential schools; Honour the TRC request for funding for work on the Missing Children & Unmarked Burials Project; Call on the Pope to apologise on behalf of the Catholic Church for its involvement in residential schools.

Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Implement all Calls for Justice from the Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls.

Indigenous Health

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Uphold Jordan's Principle in full; Support First Nations, Métis, & Inuit in rebuilding traditional knowledge systems around healing & wellness, including formally including traditional healing within mental wellness & home & community care programmes; Devote sufficient resources for maternal & infant care; Expand access to non-insured health benefits to all Indigenous people, regardless of Status, residency, membership.

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Indigenous Education

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Ensure access to quality educational opportunities based on expressed cultural, political, & social priorities of Indigenous governments, following meaningful consultation; Support developing Indigenous education curricula that are language & culture-specific; Remove the 2% funding gap for post-secondary education; Support & sustain the transmission, proliferation, & regeneration of Indigenous cultural works & languages.

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Indigenous Housing

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Allow Indigenous organisations to access financing through CMHC for self-determined housing needs; Allocate funding toward urban Indigenous housing providers; Develop & implement an Urban, Rural, & Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy; Transfer federal lands & property to off-reserve Indigenous organisations to create housing; Establish a For Indigenous, By Indigenous housing support program.

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Indigenous Children

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Recognise that Indigenous children in residential schools have been replaced by Indigenous children in foster care; Stop fighting the Human Rights Tribunal Orders regarding compensation for child & family victims; Ensure non-status First Nations' children living off-reserve have access to Jordan's Principle; Adopt recommendations on funding for First Nations Child & Family Services from the Institute for Fiscal Studies & Democracy's 2020 report.

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Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Implement all 94 Truth & Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action.

Treaties & Land Claims

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Uphold Canada's fiduciary responsibility, fulfill Canada's responsibilities in agreements, honour treaties, & respect all rights of Indigenous Peoples, including rights of self-government; Work towards creating an Indigenous Lands & Treaties Tribunal Act ; Immediately implement the land claims agreements already negotiated & lacking funding, particularly in the territories.

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Natural Resources & Extraction


Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Work with Indigenous & provincial governments to phase out open net-pen finfish aquaculture in Pacific waters by 2025 & all Canadian waters by 2030; Support a just transition for impacted workers; Incentivise the move to land-based closed containment facilities.


Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Support Nation-to-Nation engagement on managing shared marine resources to avoid disputes on fisheries law; Allocate funding to fill knowledge gaps for stocks; Complete rebuilding plans by 2024 for the 26 stocks currently in the critical zone; Entrench owner-operator & fleet separation policies in the Fisheries Act; Implement recommendations of the Standing Committee on Fisheries & Oceans report.

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Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Fund new & innovative value-added forestry-based manufacturing facilities in rural Canada; Work with governments to make sure that wood products are environmentally & economically sustainable in rural Canada.

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Policy by Valerie Brooks
Call for government action to require life-cycle product stewardship of metals to ensure thatonce mined they remain in economic service for generations;● Vigorously oppose the permitting of any new uranium mines and notify current uraniumpermit holders of plans to phase out this industry in Canada, including exports;● Prohibit the export of fissionable nuclear material;● Push for an end to all subsidies to the mining sector to ensure full-cost accounting. End thetax benefits to flow-through shares promoting prospecting and exploration in unlikely areas.End prospecting for tax write-offs;● Work with provinces, territories, and industry to ensure that all mining operations are insuredfor environmental liabilities, and have an adequate pre-funded plan for remediation, both forthe short and long-term, when a mine closes;● Introduce a Corporate Social Responsibility Act to regulate the mining industry, requiring thehighest environmental practices both in Canada and wherever Canadian compani

Off-Shore Oil

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Cancel all new oil exploration projects, including off-shore.


Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Cancel all new pipeline projects, beginning with Trans Mountain.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Ban hydraulic fracturing.

Oil & Gas

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Cancel all new oil exploration projects; End leasing of federal lands for fossil fuel production, and retire existing licenses; Phase out existing oil & gas operations; Phase out bitumen production between 2030 & 2035.

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Policy by Valerie Brooks
● Improve agricultural research by:
o Ensuring that new plant cultivars and animal breeds remain in the public domain;
o Shifting government-supported research away from biotechnology and energyintensive farming and towards organic food production;
o Increasing publicly-funded research into organic farming techniques;
o Establishing new policies for private research efforts to ensure that they are in the
best interests of family farmers and consumers;
o Preventing the patenting of life forms;
o Ensuring that develop

Affordability & Childcare

People with Disabilities

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Work to create a Canada Disabilities Act; Support a national equipment fund for equipment such as wheelchairs & accessibility tools; Invest in social housing adapted as necessary to meet particular needs; Provide federal health transfer payments for provinces to direct to rehabilitation; Institute a Guaranteed Livable Income for people with disabilities; Make the Disability Tax Credit refundable.

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Living in the North

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Improve food security in northern communities by consulting with residents on Arctic
farming, working with non-profit groups to build greenhouses or hydroponic towers, and
funding education programs in nutrition and horticulture;
● Prioritize high quality safe, and affordable housing, particularly in the North, and ensure an
equitable distribution of resources for energy efficiency retrofits

Canada Child Benefit

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Green Party MPs will:
● Urge reforms to our tax and labour policies in ways that will increase the opportunity for
Canadians to spend more time with family;
● Promote an integrated program of supports, tax cuts, and awareness-raising emphasizing that
time spent with children and/or in the community is essential for the continuation of our
● Deliver on the most comprehensive approach to reduce stress on the middle class, while
eliminating poverty – a Guaranteed Livable Income.

Employment Insurance

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Restore employment insurance to seasonal workers;
● Restore adequate staffing to Service Canada to ensure access to the EI program for workers
entitled to benefits;
● Dedicate taxes collected on chemical contaminants and unhealthy food to reduce EI
premiums to workers and employers.


Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Work with governments, Indigenous communities, & the childcare sector to ensure that universal affordable childcare becomes a reality; Increase federal childcare funding to at least 1% of GDP annually; Eliminate GST on construction costs for childcare spaces; Ensure equitable access high-quality, culturally appropriate early learning & childcare programs for First Nations, Inuit, & Métis children.

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Guaranteed Livable Income

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Create a comprehensive & equitable Guaranteed Livable Income for every person in Canada; Payment would be set at a livable level for different regions of the country; Seniors' & children's benefits would remain in place.

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Minimum Wage

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Establish a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour under the Canada Labour Code;
● Advocate for changes in the Canada Labour Code that establish a minimum of three weeks
paid vacation and a managed reduction in the standard work week to 35 hours;

Food & Nutrition

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Consult with residents of northern communities on Arctic farming; Work with non-profit groups to build greenhouses or hydroponic towers in northern communities; Fund education programmes in nutrition & horticulture in northern communities.

Public Safety & Policing

Security Infrastructure

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Ensure our level of preparedness for pandemics is robust, adequate and on alert at all times.
● Work to greatly increase funding through Public Safety Canada and the Joint Emergency
Preparedness Program (JEPP) for projects that implement municipal, territorial, and
provincial emergency preparedness plans, including: public education and training programs;
local emergency infrastructure, such as adequate tsunami warning systems; civil defence
sirens and other communication systems; adequate marking of emergency evacuation routes;
and means to supply essential services such as medical services, energy supplies, food, and
● Push Public Safety Canada to simplify the application process and expand the eligibility
criteria for funding through the JEPP;
● Work to increase funding for emergency preparedness training programs for emergency
responders, including the Canadian Emergency Preparedness College;
● Work to provide funding to fast-track seismic upgrading of public bui

Cannabis Convictions

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Create a regulatory framework for the safe production of marijuana by small, independent
growers, ensuring that cannabis production not be restricted to indoor facilities with huge
energy costs;
● Decriminalize illicit drugs, recognizing we have a national opioid crisis that can only be
solved by focusing on it as a health crisis;
● Provide increased funding to safe injection sites, treatment facilities, and addict

Gender-Based Violence

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Work with women's & Indigenous organisations to develop a comprehensive plan of action, with a timetable & dedicated funding, to eliminate violence against women, girls, & gender-diverse people; Invest $40M over 4 years in the Shelter Enhancement Program; Increase funding for investigations & convictions in human trafficking cases.

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Police Violence

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Develop a national standard for police use-of-force; Work with other jurisdictions to ban certain kinds of force, such as chokeholds & neck restraints; Create a mandatory national database of police use of force, disaggregated by race, ethnic background, national origin, age, & other identities, to better understand the extent of systemic racism in Canadian policing.

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Police Accountability & Reform

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Conduct an immediate review of the RCMP's duties, & identify areas for detasking police & reducing spending; Reallocate funding to social & community services; Design & implement a more effective, transparent, accountable, & independent police oversight system; Review the Civilian Review & Complaints Commission; Create a national standard for independent & accountable oversight of policing.

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Harmful Online Content

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Fund data collection on the spread of online hate & real-world violence; Support research & development to improve AI solutions for detecting misinformation, hate, & violence online; Hold publishers of malicious disinformation to account; Invest in initiatives & partnerships to increase access to accurate information; Limit government to a regulatory role in monitoring & moderating online content.

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Justice & Prisons

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Develop a restorative justice model; Revitalise social, economic, physical, & mental health supports; Ensure prison is a last resort; Implement laws to reduce the incarceration of those with mental health issues through preventive measures; Develop clearer laws to reduce the number of people held in pre-trial detention.

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Immigration & Refugees


Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Terminate the Safe Third Country Agreement with the US; Address processing time & unaffordable application fees; Eliminate status-based service requirements.

Temporary Foreign Workers

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Introduce low-barrier, more accessible pathways to permanent residency for temporary foreign workers; Develop safe strategies for temporary foreign workers & whistle blowers to report abusive employers without losing their status.

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Family Reunification

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Increase the number of accepted applications for parent & grandparent sponsorship by IRCC; Review adoption bans for Muslim majority countries; Remove visa requirements for most parents visiting their children.

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Credential Recognition

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Review & update accreditation policies & licensing programmes; Work with accreditation institutions to recognise foreign training & education; Allocate more funding to provide training language & employment skills, & accreditation recognition for any newcomers legally eligible to work in Canada; Incentivise employers to hire newcomers & refugee claimants.

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Immigration Process

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Update the citizenship guidebook to include a more accurate history of Canada & Turtle Island, including residential schools & the Indian Act; Address all forms of hate & xenophobia in all aspects of settlement in Canada; Introduce exceptions for permanent residency & citizenship application costs based on household income.

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Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Remove visa requirements for most parents visiting their children.

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Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Revise all CBSA practices, including operation of immigration detention centres, family separation, & developing an oversight mechanism, including a Civilian Complaint & Review Commission.

Transit & Transportation

Transit Investment

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Create a permanent, dedicated federal transit fund with $3.4B/year starting in 2026-2027; Commit to a multi-year solution to transit operating shortfalls.

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Zero-Emission Vehicles

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Ban the sale of internal combustion engine passenger vehicles by 2030; Expand charging stations for electric vehicles, including in smaller communities & rural areas; Fund grants for purchasing new & used electric vehicles; Fund buy-back programs for old vehicles; Exempt new & used electric & zero-emission vehicles from federal sales tax.

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Intercity Transportation

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Expand VIA Rail to a rail & bus system; Enact a VIA Rail Act to ensure the VIA Rail mandate for a national passenger transportation network; Ensure access to zero-carbon public transportation, with high-speed rail networks between major cities; Exempt rural & intercity public transport from sales taxes.

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Active Transportation

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Expand cycling & walking infrastructure; Work with municipalities & provincial governments to develop infrastructure that is accessible to all communities & individuals; Create a national cycling & walking infrastructure fund.


Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Strengthen Canada's rail safety rules; Enact a Via Rail Canada Act; Invest $500M in 2022-23, rising to $720M by 2024 to develop regional rail networks & strengthen rail connections between regions; Build electrified, 200km/h or faster, high-speed rail in the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal-Quebec City triangle, & the Calgary-Edmonton corridor.

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Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Develop a Green Freight Transport program to address greenhouse gas emissions & pollution, in partnership with the freight industry, shipping companies, & delivery businesses.


Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Convert all passenger ferries to electric or hybrid systems by 2030.

Rural Transit

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Make investments to expand rural transit services & infrastructure; Exempt rural & intercity public transport from sales taxes.


Northern Infrastructure

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Support the Federation of Canadian Municipalities request for at least $250M/year in dedicated infrastructure funding starting in 2028-29.

Internet Infrastructure

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Build up broadband infrastructure in rural areas; Continue to support the Universal Broadband Fund; Provide an addition $150M annually for 4 years to the Universal Broadband Fund to reach communities at the lowest end of the eligibility spectrum.

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Infrastructure Funding

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Support the Federation of Canadian Municipalities request for at least $250M/year in dedicated infrastructure funding starting in 2028-29; Reduce interest rates to municipalities on loans for infrastructure projects; Double current funding to municipalities; Allocate at least 1% of GST to housing & other municipal infrastructure.

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International Relations

International Development

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Build and strengthen relations with all levels of U.S. government −
municipal, state, and federal − and with U.S. civil society;
● Expand networking opportunities for corporate Canada with an emphasis on small business
to promote Canadian exports;
● Expand partnerships among cultural institutions, scientific research organizations,
universities, and municipalities;
● Expand and promote mutual tourism opportunities, especially for young people, through lowcarbon VIA-Amtrak partnerships;
● Promote Canada to U.S. visitors as a ‘Safe and Friendly Neighbour’ to help break down the
fear factor that increasingly isolates our U.S. neighbours from the world;
● Develop shared missions to alleviate global poverty and show leadership on environmental
● Expand public awareness in both nations of our extraordinary good fortune and our ability
and moral obligation to help the less fortunate globally;
● Repeal the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and seek redress un

Israel & Palestine

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Endorse the recognition of a Palestinian right to statehood within the internationally
recognized borders as described in United Nations Security Council Resolution 242, and
support a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict that adheres to pre-1967 borders
and incorporates an international plan for stimulating economic prosperity in both nations;
● Call on both sides to immediately stop the killing of civilians and adhere to international law;
● Protect as inviolable the right of the State of Israel to exist, in the absence of fear and
● Encourage the Canadian government to press for a mutually agreed-upon honest broker to
engage in bi-literal and multi-lateral peace talks involving Palestinians and Israelis;
● Call on Arab countries to use their influence to broker an agreement between Hamas and the
Palestinian National Authority to facilitate the promotion of peace amongst the competing
Palestinian interests;
● Call for an end to the collective siege


Policy by Valerie Brooks
Actively re-engage Iran in a new diplomacy, fully cognizant of the history of the region and
internal politics of Iran;
● Encourage the creation of cooperative programs that offer Iranian civil society members such
as lawyers, legislators, judges, civil engineers, environmentalists, and other professionals to
directly engage with their professional counterparts in Canada;
● Support the Iranian people in their quest to strengthen, through peaceful means, the
democratic process within Iran;
● Condemn all human rights violations and judicial trials in which torture or police brutality is
● Support the environmental movement in Iran by working with other countries and the Iranian
government to develop cooperative projects within Iran to address the increasing
environmental degradation threatening the country;
● Offer any and all diplomatic assistance that facilitates engagement and dialogue between Iran
and its regional neighbours to ease tensions and foster the sta

Global Peace

Policy by Valerie Brooks
The Green Party supports members of the Canadian military, including their right to be properly
equipped while in service and properly cared for as veterans.
We need to pursue a revised vision for Canadian defence policy with a focus on disaster
response, search-and-rescue, and peacekeeping. In particular, we need to move ahead in purchase
of ice-breakers, fixed-wing search and rescue (SAR) aircraft, and Coast Guard vessels.
Green MPs will:
● Pursue cost-cutting by reducing by 30% the $2.7 billion spent every year on DND
consultants, contractors, and other private sector contracts;
● Other savings could be achieved by asking Reservists, over 9 000, to choose if they would be
ready for part-time positions;
● Move ahead with necessary procurement of fixed-wing SARs, ice-breakers, and coastal

Climate Change

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Submit a revised National Determined Contribution to the Paris Agreement reflecting a 60% reduction below 2005 levels by 2030; Ramp up climate financing to USD 4B/year to support climate mitigation, adaptation, & loss & damage in developing countries; Support local green infrastructure in developing countries.

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Quebec's Unique Status

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Ensure Quebec’s unique place within Canada is recognized and affirmed in all agreements
between various levels of government;
● Respect Quebec’s right to opt out of social programs and be fully compensated by the federal
government if it provides a reasonably similar program;
● Promote a form of federal-provincial tax-shifting that would gradually reduce the fiscal
● Support Quebec’s official representation at UNESCO and ensure that if Quebec and the
federal representative do not agree upon a matter then Canada would abstain;
● Rebalance the funding formula to ensure fairness across regions and provinces;
● Recognize the legitimate right of the people of Quebec to freely and democratically
determine its full and undiminished sovereignty through a clear majority vote in Quebec on a
clear question in favour of secession, provided it is politically and legally recognized by the
international community.



Policy by Valerie Brooks
● Legislate the end of first-past-the-post voting;
● We will empower a Democracy Commission to engage Canadians from coast to coast in a
public inquiry into the interwoven and anti-democratic trends within Canada:
1. The unhealthy power of the Prime Minister’s Office;
2. The lack of scope for independent action of individual MPs;
3. The use of prorogation to avoid political embarrassment, in violation of Parliamentary
practice and tradition;
4. The abuse by the Senate of its role of ‘sober, second thought’ in voting down bills
approved by the House, as in the case in November of 2010 in their defeat without debate
of Bill C-311 (the Climate Change Accountability Act);
5. The recommendations of the Commission will be presented as options to Canadian
● Adhere to fixed election dates permitting political stability and fair elections;
● Eliminate any system that allows top-down control within parties of the nomination process
for candidates;
● Slash the PMO budget by

Government Transparency

Policy by Valerie Brooks
● Amend the Accountability Act to ensure that all those who monitor government are selected
at arm’s length from those they monitor, to eliminate the blanket exemptions on public
release of government documents, and to guarantee transparency and openness for all
government activities;
● Update the Access to Information Act to permit greater transparency of government
● Restore Parliamentary Committees as a vehicle for non-partisan, constructive improvement
of legislation and require that the improved version of such legislation be the version put to
parliament for vote;
● Enact effective whistle-blower protection for public and private sector employees;
● Institute a Code of Conduct and an independent complaints process to ensure that public
funds are not used for pre-election partisan purposes;
● Institute mandatory training in ethics for MPs and their staff, requiring all MPs and staff to
take in-house training on the basics of good management and ethics in P

Government Ethics & Lobbying

Policy by Valerie Brooks
With the highest level of granularity and detail possible which still maintains the privacy of
individual citizens;
● In a timely fashion so that the value of the data is preserved;
● Accessible to the widest range of users for the widest range of purposes in a non-proprietary
● Machine processable and structured to allow automated processing, without having to
mechanically harvest the data before using it;
● Non-discriminatory and available to everyone without having to register or self-identify as
being interested in the data;
● With a license that does not encumber the user, and ideally without a license at all.

Broadcasting & Streaming

Policy by Valerie Brooks
Call for an Independent Commission to undertake a comprehensive study of the
concentration of media ownership in Canada in comparison to other western countries and
recommend how to diversify media ownership and strengthen the depth and breadth of news
reporting, especially local news, in Canada.


Policy by Valerie Brooks
Green MPs will work to:
● End the Lump Sum Payment for injuries and reinstate the Pension Act benefits;
● Completely re-write the VAC policy manuals;
● Reinstate the Benefit Of The Doubt clause;
● Split VRAB into two distinct panels and populate it with qualified experts;
● Revisit the NVC with an eye to a complete rewrite. The NVC was enacted as a living
document but sits stagnant and out of touch with veterans’ needs;
● Publicly support the class action suit in the Supreme Court of Canada by veterans to end the
SISIP claw back.

CBC & Radio-Canada

Policy by Valerie Brooks
● Provide stable base funding for the CBC so it can continue to provide quality Canadian
content television and radio programming in both official languages to all Canadians;
● Restore CBC international short-wave service;
● Reverse the CBC application and CRTC approval for commercial advertising on CBC Radio
● Reverse cuts to suppertime news and local programming in CBC and Radio Canada;
● Ensure that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)
reserves more bandwidth for independent and non-profit stations;

Rural & Northern Services

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Address disparities in delivery, access, & funding for rural services; Establish a parliamentary committee to collect information on place-based needs in rural & remote communities; Support the Federation of Canadian Municipalities request for at least $250M/year in dedicated infrastructure funding starting in 2028-29.

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Canada Post

Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Expand the mandate of Canada Post to include banking, high-speed Internet hubs, & EV charging stations; Increase salaries of Canada Post employees operating in rural communities; Ensure pay gaps between urban & rural services are closed.

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Policy by the Green Party of Canada
Require that housing developments that receive federal funding must ensure 30% of all units in each development are deeply affordable and/or available to people with disabilities & special needs.


submitted by the candidate or their team
Valerie believes in electoral reform so government actually works. She is a climate champion and wants to see immediate action.

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
My “yet to be born” grandchildren deserve a Canada they can be proud of. Unless we create real change my grandchildren will be left with a mess and hate us for it! Our environmental, economic, and social stewardship needs immediate action.

Born and raised in Hudson Bay, SK to a farming family, Valerie is now a professional educator and has worked as a teacher and school administrator for the past 20 years. She's written a thesis on Reconciliation and Treaty Education and has come to understand the significance of this Treaty 4 territory and what it means to be a Treaty person.

Valerie believes it is the responsibility of elected representatives to understand the interdependent nature of the world, to govern with an inclusive and growth mindset, and that a healthy environment supports economic growth. Being a climate champion, Valerie advocates for swift and immediate action by the government to drastically reduce green house gas emissions by putting in place legislation and policy to make that a reality now, not 20 years from now. She also believes that a transition plan to a clean energy sector includes supporting those currently working in the oil and gas sector by re-training and transferring their skills to a new clean energy grid. This plan is feasible, and we have the technology and skills to make it our new reality.

Valerie’s goal is to restore faith in the Canadian democratic system with electoral reform. Proportional representation, complete transparency of government, and accountability to voters not big businesses and corporations will be her priority. She sincerely wants all voters to believe their vote matters, to be able to trust their government, and to be active participants in our democratic system. She believes this is possible by creating a collaborative system of governing where all voices are part of the solution and partisan politics are left in the rear view mirror!