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Daniella Johnson

Daniella Johnson

Liberal candidate for York—Simcoe


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Daniella Johnson has always been committed to the communities she serves. She's worked tirelessly to support Canadians in their searches for meaningful employment, advocating for mental health, and has worked to build the capacity of social purpose businesses and non-profits.

Reason for running

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Daniella is running because she's deeply committed to the communities she serves, and because she knows that together we can deliver real results to the people of York-Simcoe on issues like child care, housing affordability, health care and fixing traffic congestion.

It’s time that we had a strong representative in Ottawa with a seat at the table who will advocate for the investments and support we all deserve. Supports like:

- Child Care: Ensuring access to affordable early learning and child care with the delivery of $10 a day child care for everyone.

- Housing Affordability: Making homes more affordable by investing over $1 billion to create 1.4 million homes; unlocking home ownership for young Canadians by allowing them to save up to $40,000 through the First-Home Buyers Tax Credit, and ending predatory housing practices with the Home Buyers’ Bill of Rights.

- Health Care: Investing in seniors’ care through the training of 50,000 new PSWs and guaranteeing a minimum wage of at least $25/hour for LTC workers. A re-elected Liberal government will also introduce a vaccine certificate nation-wide vaccine to ensure that anyone who gets on a plane or train - as well as all federal government employees - are vaccinated. It's the best way to protect ourselves and our loved ones against COVID-19.