This is a page from the 2021 Canadian federal election.

James Bountrogiannis

James Bountrogiannis

PPC candidate for Scarborough—Guildwood

Health & Healthcare

Climate Change & the Environment

Carbon Capture & Storage

Policy by James Bountrogiannis
Climate has always changed naturally.
Trace life gas CO2 cannot cause climate calamity, it is necessary for growing healthier greener young plants which return oxygen for us to breathe.
Demonizing CO2 as bad or dangerous is ludicrous. The 30 year drone by IPCC & other orgs, that CO2 is bad, is fake. It's a lie. Our planet needs more atmospheric CO2, not less.
Taxing 'CO2/Carbon' is ignorant.

Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Policy by James Bountrogiannis
Fossil fuel subsidies have proved that they pay for themselves while provide reliable energy, gainful employment & success.

Oil provides an amazing source of materials.

Dumb energy, such as wind & solar mega projects, will not pay for themselves nor provide any environmental benefit.

For governments to tax/borrow billions of $'s for such projects have proven to be corrupt failures.

Emissions Reductions Targets

Policy by James Bountrogiannis
Real environmental challenges have nothing to do with trace life gas CO2.

Tax/borrow/spend on reducing a needed life gas such as CO2 is a corrupt waste of our public purse.

Regulating toxic emissions has been in place in Canada for over 60 years.

Canada should continue to regulate toxic emissions but we should end all pernicious 'CO2/Carbon' taxes in Canada.

Withdraw from UN IPCC Paris Accord.


Policy by James Bountrogiannis
Natural wildfires have always occurred. The burned out forests eventually grow back over time.

However, human error with campfires & such may also cause wildfires.

As population grows nearer to forests the need for Forest Management arises. Forest management is needed to protect people & to reduce the breadth of natural wildfires.

Re-forestation is an excellent policy which benefits our forests

Effects of Climate Change

Policy by James Bountrogiannis
Climate change is good, it usually changes to our benefit - the 'little ice age' of our recent past would be an exception.

Climate changes slowly enough so that we can adapt with smarter technologies.

As population grows, the need for a little more CO2 arises such that oxygen levels can be maintained through photosynthesis. This also helps form a 'greener' planet.

Taxing CO2/Carbon is idiotic.

Industrial Carbon Emissions

Policy by James Bountrogiannis
Real industrial toxins have been regulated in Canada for 60 years.
We should continue to target such real industrial toxins for further regulation, not CO2/Carbon emissions.

The production of CO2, in any process, is a net benefit to our existence. We need more atmospheric CO2 not less.

Carbon Pricing

Policy by James Bountrogiannis
Repeal all CO2/Carbon tax mandates.
Withdraw from UN IPCC Paris.

CO2/Carbon taxes raise the cost of everything that working Canadians need.

These pernicious taxes have failed everywhere that they have been implemented.

Real environmental issues have nothing to do with CO2/Carbon or 'C' taxes.

Real environmental toxins must be regulated as they have been the last 60 years in Canada.

Energy Sources

Policy by James Bountrogiannis
Re-discover clean fossil fuels including Clean Coal burning plants & Natural Gas burning plants. NG delivery through LNGs wherever feasible.

Oil is gold & demand for it will only grow.

We need to refine oil for the thousands of materials which we use everyday.
The bi-product are the volatiles such as diesel fuel for our transport trucks, heating oils for our homes & gasoline for our automobiles.

Natural Gas & LNG

Policy by James Bountrogiannis
Natural Gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel in the world.

NG is cleaner than burning coal, diesel or wood.

UN IPCC's ghastly promotion of Bio-Fuels, which burns natural forests on the surface to save coal in the ground, is an environmental nightmare. Canada should outlaw Bio-Fuels.

Canada should develop Natural Gas sources wherever feasible. Delivery of NG using LNG's is smart technology.


Policy by James Bountrogiannis
Expanding our reforestation efforts.
Canada has reforested for decades. The more we reforest today will enable future enjoyment of forests by future generations.

Outlaw UN IPCC/Sierra Club promoted Bio-fuels. This practice is disgusting.

Withdraw from UN IPCC Paris Accord.
Disingenuous climate cult crap has no place in an intelligent, environmentally conscious society such as Canada.

The two are not related

Policy by James Bountrogiannis
Climate change has no real connection to real environmental issues.

Withdraw from UN IPCC Paris.

Continue to regulate real toxic chemicals as we have been doing for decades in Canada.

Money wasted on climate frauds like wind & solar mega projects can be used for reforestation, cleaner industrial processes, sewage treatment, etc.
R&D for such things is intelligent. Climate cult dogma is idiotic.

Jobs & the Economy

Housing & Homelessness

Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Human Rights & Equality


Seniors & Senior Care

Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation

Natural Resources & Extraction

Affordability & Childcare

Public Safety & Policing

Immigration & Refugees

Transit & Transportation


International Relations




submitted by the candidate or their team
The proud son of landed immigrant parents.
BSc U of Waterloo, MTS Tyndale Seminary.
Amazing daughter 16, handsome son 18.
Project coordinator in a techy firm;
Part time Pastor in a small country church.
63 years young, searching for new challenges.
Freedom loving Canadian p

Reason for running

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I am running in Fed elexn44 to be a voice for the voiceless. To defend the rights & freedoms of my fellow Canadians against the constant drone of Globalist tyranny.
To re-establish the dignity & reputation which Canada once had in the world.
To promote Canadian prosperity again