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Sandra Hunter

Sandra Hunter

NDP candidate for Edmonton West


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Official Federal NDP Candidate for Edmonton West

Sandra is a champion for working families Edmonton West. She’s dedicated herself to inspiring young people to create and learn and has helped to build inspiring educational opportunities. She knows everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed and is committed to help build more empathetic and nurturing communities.

Sandra knows that successive Liberal and Conservative governments in Ottawa have left working families in Edmonton West behind. Working with Jagmeet Singh and New Democrats she’s ready to make sure Ottawa is working for you and will fight for the public services you need. She knows everyone should be able to access prescription medication with their health card instead of their credit card and be able to find a safe and affordable place to call home for their family. And will stand up to the ultra-rich by closing tax loopholes and make sure Canada’s 1% are paying their fair share. Coming out of the pandemic she knows we need to invest in good, sustainable jobs and make sure our loved ones are safe by taking profit out of long-term care.

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Sandra immigrated to Canada after losing her father in Colombia’s armed conflict. Living in Alberta since 2005, she’s always worked to give back to her community, which was so compassionate and caring to her. She’s been a tireless volunteer supporting aspiring local artists and helped to organize the Oil City Roller Derby. Sandra lives in Britannia Youngstown with her husband and their baby Soren.