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I am running to fight for the Human Rights of all Canadians guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, many of which I feel are in danger right now due to the worst overreaction to a Catastrophe and Roll Back of Rights and Liberties since 911

Although not limited to it I am running on 6 key points for my platform and doing so honestly:

First of all I wish to stand up against government overreach such as :

- Covid 19 restrictions, especially the infamous Vaccine Passports being brought into 4 Provinces and counting

- Censorship bills such as Bill C 10 or Bill C 36 or anything similar

- the entire Drug War. It's wasted our money and put good people in jail for victimless crimes

And stand up for:

- A Universal Basic Income of $1000 or more for every Canadian citizen over 18, with no clawbacks based on earnings in addition to it. You can have it and still work if you wish and it stacks

- The Right to Bear Arms and defend one's self and others, which is sadly lacking in our Constitutional Rights

- Bodily Autonomy whether it comes to Abortion. Wearing a Mask or not, being Vaccinated or not

And I would also love to hear from you on any issues you feel I haven't covered enought which you think would be good and necessary policy or stances :3

None of the Mainstream Parties are going to protect your Rights from further erosion due to Covid measures. I will. And I'm in it to win it no matter what Opposition I face now or in the future. I'm fighting not just for you but so our children and grandchildren can have a Free and Democratic Society too