This is a page from the 2021 Canadian federal election.

Vanessa Wang

Vanessa Wang

Rhino candidate for Calgary Nose Hill
Just because another person does not look like you, think like you, or have the same abilities as you, does not mean they should be treated as less than or have opportunities taken away. We are all human and we all deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

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Health & Healthcare

Health Funding

Policy by Vanessa Wang
The Rhino Party will fund scientific research on eternal life.

COVID Testing

Policy by Vanessa Wang
The Rhinoceros Party will distribute free study guides to ensure all Canadians pass their COVID tests. Also available are study guides to ensure all Canadians get an A+ on their blood test.


Policy by Vanessa Wang
Contraception such as condoms, pills, rings, patches, spermicide, and Plan B will be freely available at vending machines across the country. Scan the QR code on the package for instructions.

To promote fairness, varieties of contraception currently available only for AFAB people will have new varieties for AMAB people too.

Permanent sterilization will be made hurdle-free for enthusiastic volunteers.

Natural Health Products

Policy by Vanessa Wang
No. You stop that.

You know what's natural? Cyanide. Arsenic. Bears. All very bad for you. It's even possible to have too much oxygen or too much water!

You know what we call alternative medicine that works? Medicine. You know what people did before modern medicine? They died.

Healthcare Access

Policy by Vanessa Wang
The Rhino Party will ensure everyone has access to healthcare by issuing everyone a personal doctor. This will alleviate the stress on the healthcare system and allow doctors 24/7 monitoring of their patients.

Menstrual Products

Policy by Vanessa Wang
The Rhinoceros Party will make menstrual products free! For added convenience, they will also be delivered for free upon request.

Climate Change & the Environment

Emissions Reductions Targets

Policy by Vanessa Wang
To reduce the amount of methane going into our atmosphere, we will tell our bovine brethren to fart less.

Effects of Climate Change

Policy by Vanessa Wang
Unlike *certain* parties, the Rhinoceros Party will not lie to you about climate change. Climate change is real! 97% of scientists agree!

Scientists predict that in the next 20 years, global warming will threaten the existence of human beings. We can do better! A Rhinoceros Government promises to make it happen in 10 years!

Green Innovation

Policy by Vanessa Wang
Green cars are not available in sufficient numbers in Canada. This is why a Rhinoceros Government will force car manufacturers to build more green cars: forest green, pale green, khaki green and neon green.

Animal Protection

Policy by Vanessa Wang
As rhinos are chubby unicorns, the Rhinoceros Party will add the unicorn onto the list of endangered species. Pegasus and alicorn cousins are welcome too.


Policy by Vanessa Wang
The Rhinoceros Party will abolish the law of gravity. We as Canadians never voted it in. I have been personally harmed by gravity as a physicist and so have many others. This unjust law must end!

Jobs & the Economy

Tax Evasion

Policy by Vanessa Wang
You can't run away from your taxes if they run to you! From now on, CRA agents will be given additional training as Olympic sprinters to catch anyone trying to avoid their taxes.

News Media & Journalism

Policy by Vanessa Wang
The Rhino Party will bribe the Weather Network presenters to announce only sun on Sundays, and less snow in the winter. We will also stop the current slew of fake news that does not show a Rhino candidate ranking first in their riding's polls!

Worker Safety

Policy by Vanessa Wang
We will reduce the number of accidents in factories by wrapping all workers in bubble wrap.

Housing & Homelessness


Policy by Vanessa Wang
If you ever find yourself without a home, the Rhinoceros Party will provide you with a free bouncy castle. You can even keep the box for your cat!

Money Laundering

Policy by Vanessa Wang
The Rhinoceros Party will install at least five washing machines at the Canadian Mint so that all money going into Canadians' hands are squeaky clean.

Housing Supply

Policy by Vanessa Wang
Every year, we will take all the existing accommodations in Canada and distribute them using a lottery system to all residents. Who knows, you could get a new mansion! Or you get a cardboard box. Oh well. Better luck next year.

Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Human Rights & Equality

Trans Health & Access

Policy by Vanessa Wang
You are not the bathroom police. I promise you trans people need to excavate their bowels and empty their bladders just like everyone else.

LGBTQ2 Rights & Opportunities

Policy by Vanessa Wang
The rights and opportunities of the LGBTQ+ community should be the same as those who are not. I promise you won't catch the gay from existing in the same society.


Post-Secondary Tuition

Policy by Vanessa Wang
Not only will the Rhinoceros Party build taller schools to promote higher education, tuition will be free and paid for by the national maple syrup reserve. Student loan debt will also be eliminated.

Public School Educators

Policy by Vanessa Wang
The Rhinoceros Party will replace teachers on leave with photos of famous scientists.

Seniors & Senior Care

Long-Term Care

Policy by Vanessa Wang
We believe you should be able to choose how you spend your golden years, whether that be in a cryogenic chamber or in your own home.

Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation

Natural Resources & Extraction

Affordability & Childcare

People with Disabilities

Policy by Vanessa Wang
Under the Rhinoceros Party, disability accommodations will be the social norm and not the exception. July 2 will become National Accessibility Day.

Living in the North

Policy by Vanessa Wang
Any Canadian living north of the 60th parallel will be given a lifetime supply of hot chocolate and a pet polar bear.


Policy by Vanessa Wang
The Rhinoceros Party will demand that banks give free money to any Canadian who asks politely. We will also replace the national currency with bubblegum so it can be inflated and deflated at will.

Cell & Internet Bills

Policy by Vanessa Wang
A vaccine that will cause you to give off your own 5G signal is in the works! Never pay for cellular data or internet again!


Policy by Vanessa Wang
Canadians tired of paying GST will be happy to hear about the Rhinoceros Party's plan to generate government revenue. We will tax the black market!


Policy by Vanessa Wang
Unattended children will be given a Red Bull and a kazoo. I will think of something better when childcare workers get paid more for how much they actually work and train.

Guaranteed Livable Income

Policy by Vanessa Wang
The Rhinoceros Party will eliminate poverty by lowering the poverty line to an annual income of $100. Everyone will get a crisp $100 bill on January 1 to start off the year!

Food & Nutrition

Policy by Vanessa Wang
I will make sure that all pizza has pineapples.

Public Safety & Policing

National Security

Policy by Vanessa Wang
We will implement moose calvary to defend our great nation. We are also exploring the use of rhino calvary.

Immigration & Refugees

Transit & Transportation

Quick Travel

Policy by Vanessa Wang
The Rhinoceros Party will invest money into researching Faster Than Light (FTL) travel and teleportation.


Infrastructure Funding

Policy by Vanessa Wang
The Rhinoceros Party will fund a cross-country pipeline that distributes bubble tea rapidly to all provinces and territories.

International Relations

The North Pole

Policy by Vanessa Wang
Following the Trudeau government’s woeful inaction, the magnetic pole migrated from Canada to Russia. The Rhinoceros Party will bring it back to our territory.



IVF & Surrogacy

Policy by Vanessa Wang
The Rhinoceros Party will not endorse people spending ludicrous amounts of money to have a "mini me". Children are not miniature versions of yourself; they are not property, nor are they something to project your unfulfilled dreams onto. If you cannot accept that your children may develop their own opinions, preferences, and interests, please reconsider having children. And please consider giving a home to an existing child instead of creating a new one.

Canadian Heritage

Policy by Vanessa Wang
The Rhinoceros Party will make “Sorry” the new official motto of Canada.

National Holidays

Policy by Vanessa Wang
The Rhinoceros Party will introduce two new holidays: April Fools Day and Retail Purge Day.

On April 1, Canadians will be given the day off from work to make their friends laugh with funny jokes and good-hearted pranks. Those who succeed will be given a cookie!

Stores will individually decide one day of the year to celebrate Retail Purge Day, when employees can yell at annoying customers with no repercussions.


submitted by the candidate or their team
Vanessa is a Natural Sciences graduate from the University of Calgary with a love of bad puns. In her work as a science educator and lab technician, Vanessa recognized that y'all need science. So she took the humourous approach to get her message across.

After all, RHI-not?

Vanessa graduated from the University of Calgary in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Natural Sciences. In the years since, she has been trying to move on from the broke student life by enriching the minds of our next generation as a science educator. She was one of the childcare workers tirelessly entertaining your children through the pandemic. Recently she decided to put her science degree to good use by becoming a lab technician. She also decided her life needed a little more spice we are.

As a scientist who discovered that the degree did in fact NOT come with an ivory tower, Vanessa is constantly reminded that pseudoscience and anti-science beliefs only grow louder in their echo chambers, especially on social media. She will crush this nonsense with herds of rhinos. Once she finds enough rhinos. She will also use the rhino stampede to flatten the Rocky Mountains to finally give Alberta a beautiful view of the Pacific sunset.

Since graduating university, Vanessa has a lot of this thing called "spare time". She uses it by making soap, fattening her roommates with cake, and playing Terraria and DragonFable. Oh, and running for office. That too. Support her in this crazy adventure by using the tag #yycwanggang. She can be reached on Instagram and Reddit by the username nosehillrhino.

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
Vanessa noticed that there were *no* Rhinoceros Party candidates in Calgary a week after the election was called, so she decided to become the change she wanted to see. She also did it for the memes.