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Mélanie Gendron

Mélanie Gendron

Free Party candidate for Avignon—La Mitis—Matane—Matapédia
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submitted by the candidate or their team

* International fashion designer under the trade name Melany Rowe design, after having walked the red carpets in Cannes, runway in Paris, Monaco, and Hollywood my career takes on another meaning when I become a victim of fraud at home and abroad. I had to protect my family and my assets very hard. Today I want to defend you.

In this regard, Canada is very ill-equipped to protect us against this pervasive threat of cyber crime and fraud. Another threat, privacy no longer exists. Hackers, fraudsters, and money launderers are free and not a priority of our politician and it is a mistake. To control the money of the crime is to control the crime, it is our best weapon for this war.

* Mother of 4 children with the last one who needs special support, I quickly realized the lack of help in our regions for both gifted children and neuro-atypical children. Our school system is inadequate and can go to the extend of sending the kids home. This is not normal; it must change. The system needs to evolve with our changing society. New technologies are the solution to many of our problems and I want to create these programs here. Let us be the future Silicon Valley with projects that provide solutions. Let’s train our little engineers of tomorrow, evolve at the rate of their strength and interests, considering the different types of intelligence.

My educations

Cybersecurity and cyber-investigation: Cégep Garneau

Cyber fraud; Polytechnic University of Montreal

Bioinformatics student at the University of Laval

Professional certificate

Fundamentals of Neurology: Harvard University

Advanced Neurochemistry: Peking University

Introduction to Psychology: Yale University

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team

I am not here to complain about the problems of our society, I am here to contribute ideas and create lasting solutions. It is for this reason that I present myself. No, politics was never a dream or a career that I decided to have one day. I think it’s the politic that came to me. Despite my success in the career of my choice, organized crime has decided otherwise for me. This is not normal, and I do not want this to happen to any of my children or anyone else. Everyone has the right to success and freedom. Like getting vaccinated or not without losing your job.

I tell myself that I can't complain about system problems if I don't do anything to change it myself. I went back to school because I wanted to help other people so that nobody ever goes through what I experience. In case someone needs, Ill make sure they can find help. Once I finished my studies in cybersecurity, I realized that I cannot get things done on my own, both for fraud issues and for issues in education and health. In my opinion the only way to experience change is to be that change. So here I am today asking you to help me help you.

  Je ne suis pas ici pour me plaindre des problèmes de notre société, je suis ici pour apporter des idées et créer des solutions durables. C'est pour cette raison que je me présente. Non la politique n'a jamais été un rêve ou une carrière que j'ai décidé de faire un jour. Je pense que c'est elle qui est venue a moi. Malgré mon succès dans la carrière de mon choix, le crime organisé en a décidé autrement pour moi. Ce n'est pas normal et je ne veux pas que cela arrive à un de mes enfants ou à personne d'autre. Tout le monde a droit au succès et à la liberté. Comme de se faire vaccinée ou non sans perde son emploi.

Je me dis que je ne peux pas me plaindre des problèmes du système si moi-même je ne fais rien pour que ça change. J'ai fait un retour aux études car je voulais aider d'autres personne afin qu'ils ne vivent pas ce que j'ai vécu, qu'ils puissent facilement trouver de l'aide. Une fois terminé mes études en cybersécurité je me suis rendu compte que je ne peux pas faire avancer les choses seules, tant pour les problèmes en fraude que pour les problèmes en éducation et en santé. À mon avis la seule façon de vivre le changement c'est d'être ce changement. Donc me voilà ici aujourd'hui vous demandant de m'aider à vous aider.