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Konstantine Muirhead

Konstantine Muirhead

Independent candidate for Calgary Shepard

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I was born and raised in Southern Alberta in the bustling community of Medicine Hat, but have been proud to call Calgary home for the last two decades. Now I want to give back by running for office and ensuring our community has the representation it both needs and deserves!

Born and raised in Southern Alberta in the bustling community of Medicine Hat, Kostie is the eldest of 4 children. Raised as the son of a Minister and a Nurse, he's always had a strong sense of wanting to see improvement in the world around him. In his youth a passion for following politics and public policy was ignited as a member of a provincial youth parliament where he participated for a number of years in both attendance and organizing capacity.

A programmer by education, and self described all round technology problem solver by trade, Kostie knows well the struggles of the small business owners and entrepreneurs as he is one himself. He's never been one to shy away from work or a challenge and has had to work hard throughout life. Working in food service and food service management as a young man gave him experience and paid the education bills until he landed in a position doing design and machine programming in the manufacturing sector. Those experiences let him get into IT and eventually IT management. Those experiences eventually built the confidence for him to strike out on his own, and he now spends his days finding solutions for a variety of different and problems on a daily basis.

In his spare time he likes staying active by walking throughout the community of Prestwick where he lives with his partner, Shelley. If you're out and about, you may even catch him! When not limited by Covid he has been known to enjoy dancing, and has trained in martial arts. He has a wonderful 17 year old cat named Weeko who enjoys cuddles and watching the birds out of the window. His partner Shelley is supportive of his running for office as she was in youth parliament as well, and that is where they first met.

Reason for running

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Navigating the current troubles facing our community today while avoiding the potential pitfalls of tomorrow will require solutions that come from many different directions. We must elect candidates who are free to vote their conscience and colaborate towards sensible policy.

Every single person across this country must be able to have a roof over their head, food on their plate, the ability to seek timely medical and dental care, the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to society, and have enough time and money left at the end of the month to engage in a hobby or self improvement. Importantly, none of the above should require anyone to sacrifice their dignity, ethics, or morals.

It seems unfathomable that such simple statements have become both controversial, and incompatable with at least some aspect of the platforms put forward by almost every major party.