This is a page from the 2021 Canadian federal election.

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Aylwin T Mathew

Aylwin T Mathew

NCA candidate for Scarborough Centre

Health & Healthcare

Climate Change & the Environment

Jobs & the Economy

Housing & Homelessness

Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Human Rights & Equality


Seniors & Senior Care

Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation

Natural Resources & Extraction

Affordability & Childcare

Public Safety & Policing

Immigration & Refugees

Transit & Transportation


International Relations



submitted by the candidate or their team
Born and Raised in a well to do background back in South India I came here since i like the system and policies here locally . i hold Masters in business ,qualification in healthcare and Canadian law.I am a Good Friend of all kinds of People ,especially to the weaker sections.

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
I Need Our Country to Be On Track. Our Veterans, our Homeless Canadians all need care .I need a country that function for All Canadians ,Not just for Vested Groups or its interest . we need more jobs that secure our families and more small business that keeps Canada Growing