This is a page from the 2020 British Columbia general election.

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  • Protect childcare in law.
  • Bring $10-a-day childcare to more families.
  • Create more childcare spaces through a new childcare capital programme, exceeding target of 22,000 new spaces.
  • Work towards universal access to before- and after-school care on school grounds.
  • Train more ECEs.

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BC Liberals

  • Provide $10-a-day childcare to families making up to $65,000 annually, and stepped rates of $20 or $30-a-day for families of incomes up to $125,000.
  • Build 10,000 new childcare spaces across BC.
  • Expand access to before-and-after school care in schools.

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BC Greens

  • Invest up to $897M/year by 2023/24 in childcare programme.
  • Expand available physical spaces, prioritizing partnerships with public schools, community non-profits, and First Nations.
  • Provide free childcare for working parents with children under 3.

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