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Richard Biedka

Independent for Port Moody Council
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Over 30 years ago, Richard Biedka moved to Port Moody as it was close to work, the ocean, lakes and parks. This beautiful backdrop was great place to start a family. Richard and his wife & have 3 kids and youngest will finish SFU next year and will be looking to flee the nest!

Reason for running

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The past 5 years Richard has been educating himself with the city and council and voicing his concerns on the ESA proposals, affordability and many other topics at public input. With the numerous meetings and committees available to audit, he also decided to focus on the finance committee. As a true detective, always follow the money! What Richard learned propelled him to get involved and use his skills to make an effective change to strengthen our city's financial position. Richard is a UBC graduate with BSc degree in biology, majoring marine biology. He has a long career in the commercial seafood industry in sales and senior management. He also brings extensive skills in team building, labor relations, marketing and sensory analysis. These attributes will allow him to advance issues that are important to the residents of Port Moody.

Richard is member of TROPICA; President of Desert Surfside motel and past president to Baycrest Apartments. Richard commits to work for all residents and asking for your vote for council on October 15, 2002.